Thursday, February 25, 2010

to be a runner.

I seriously need a race. I think that I have one that I'm going to sign up for in April. Unfortunately, I think that it isn't going to work out for me to find anybody to run with me. However, I'm going to do it anyways. It would be nice if I could find someone to just go to South Bend with me and just hang out the night before the race. I'm feeling a little bit pessimistic about that though. I haven't run a race by myself yet. I guess I haven't been running for that long, though, considering my first race was only in September, which was only a few months ago.

I had another wonderful run tonight on the treadmill. Well, as wonderful as running on the treadmill can be, I guess. I'm really excited that it's going to warm up next week. I'm going to officially start my outdoor run on Tuesday night. I really need to start doing serious training. I'm really excited about it. I'm going to be ahead in all of my classes by early Tuesday so that I'm able to run at least seven and a half miles. I'm sooo excited.

I swear that if it was a year ago, I wouldn't know who I am today. I wouldn't understand who in their right mind could possibly be excited about running seven miles. I would be disturbed. I only ran because I could eat more on Weight Watchers if I was exercising.

Now I'm a running addict. Hmm..

Anyways, yeah, today's run was great. As usual, the first mile sucked.. it always does, no matter what. The next few miles went really really well, though. I didn't start struggling until I got close to mile five. I guess that's impressive in a sense. I haven't run that many miles in a while so I'm glad that I did. I need to keep it up, though. It has been too easy to give up and slack off lately. That's unacceptable if I want to be taken seriously as a runner, which I do. Very much.

Goal: 1000 miles/365 days
So far: 222.03 miles/110 days
To go: 777.97 miles/255 days


  1. what race you planning on doing in South Bend? My best friend lives up there and is a runner. If he's doing the race I'll have him keep an eye out for you, always nice to have at least one person cheer for you. He graduated 2yrs behind me and your mother, so she may know him too.

  2. That's awesome. I really want to do the Holy Half Marathon on Notre Dame's campus. I think I've convinced my roommate to do it with me!

  3. Never heard of that one, but found website and sounds interesting. Unfortunately too far away for me, but will let you know about Mark if he runs or goes to watch.