Tuesday, February 2, 2010

side cramps, breathing.

My run today was not as great as my run yesterday. I've been exhausted all day & I have noticed that my emotions or my level of energy takes a significant toll on my running for the day. I ran slightly longer than I ran yesterday at a similar rate, but I was just exhauted.

I had some pretty significant side cramps right at the end of my first mile, because I was sprinting. Luckily, I read a little about different problems that can happen when you are running. One issue in the article that I read was cramps in the side or the chest. The article said that the biggest contributor to cramps like that is breathing. So after that, I slowed down to a jogging pace and slowed my breathing. It helped a lot. I was still struggling for the entire run, which cut my mileage today, somewhat. That's tough, but at least I was out there & running.

I am going to try to concentrate more on my breathing while I am running. I haven't ever really concentrated on my breathing before, so that's going to be a significant change for me. It's important though, especially as I'm training for a marathon.

It would be great if I was able to run more often, but these time constraints are getting to me. Running is such a great stress relief... when I'm not too overwhelmed.

I'm exhausted. mmm.

Goal: 1000 miles/365 days
So far: 171.01 miles/86 days
To go: 828.99 miles/279 days

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  1. poop. I forgot to type in that word to submit it. Basically what I was saying is that now that you don't listen to music it should be a little easier for you to listen to your body and monitor your breathing etc. so that's one benefit. I'm proud of you. I'm sure you never imagined you'd come so far at this point.