Thursday, June 28, 2012

Chicago Training: Day Eight!

Today was a crazy day. I had lunch and several hours of shopping with a friend (mostly she shopped and I was there for moral support.  haha.). Then went out for dinner and watched some tv with the bestest friend. I looked at some job openings and stuff. ...aaaand I ran! Woo hoo.

I just did a little over 3 miles today, which was planned. I'm pretty excited about it. I haven't missed a run yet and I'm halfway through week two of training.

Today's run was really slow, with lots of walking. I'm okay with it though, because I still went out there and did it. I don't feel like I chickened out. I definitely could have pushed myself a little harder, but I think I did alright.

Officially Goofy Challenge training starts next week. I'm not sure how I'm going to train for both. Hm.. Life is likely to get a little bit crazy. I really need a full time job soon. I'm beyond broke at the moment. (which cuts into my race funds! SAD!)

Goal: 1000 miles/366 days
So far: 283.54 miles/180 days
To go: 716.46 miles/186 days

Chicago Training: Day 7

Exciting news: my leg feels so much better today! (and by feels, I mean felt, considering that it's technically tomorrow now...) I had decided that I would feel it out and then decide whether or not to run today.. although I was definitely leaning toward running today. (Maybe I'm just terrible at making healthy choices for my body. I'm not sure about the problem.) Anyways, I was pretty excited that my leg felt better so I didn't have to think about what decision to make.

I waited until close to 4:00 to run, because I didn't really want to melt in the Florida sun. (which is back in full force! I'm glad Debby left yesterday!!) It was still pretty warm and sunny out and I think that I intensified my funny looking runner's tan lines. I was just appreciative that it wasn't raining today! I ran at a pretty decent pace.

I had six miles planned out for today, so I was a little concerned about the heat. Six is a pretty long distance to run when it's hot out. It wasn't as bad as I thought it was. I had a hunch that I would be exhausted halfway through, but I really wasn't. I mean, yeah, I got tired throughout, but I wasn't super exhausted like I anticipated. I just wish it would have been a little cooler out. It was frustrating with all of the sweaty-drippy-ness down my face.. even dripping off of my hands. Gross.

I ended up with close to six and a half miles, which I'm pleased with. I probably could have kept going, but I'm definitely not trying to overdo it. I'm taking this training really seriously, partly because I've never done it before. I also really want to do this right. Chicago is a huge deal for me. This is one of the most important races that I've ever pushed myself toward getting prepared for.

Goal: 1000 miles/366 days
So far: 280.4 miles/179 days
To go: 719.6 miles/187 days

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Chicago training day number SIX

It's week two of marathon training. This is getting intense. (sort of.) I ran more last week than I have in a while, so I was a little worried about how my body would react. It doesn't help that my job is fairly physical, too. I do a lot of walking and lifting... and pushing carts and whatnot. So, when I rest from running, my body is still on the go much of the time.

Today, I had a three mile "easy" run. My goal was to do 13-14 minute miles. I ran with Katherine, which sometimes slows my pace, because we talk a lot. When we talk, I take more walk breaks than I really need to... I ended up on pace for the first two miles, but I started fighting some really intense pain in my right thigh. I tried to push through (I know, I know, bad idea.), but it got really bad when I was at about mile 2.35 or so. I had to walk the rest of the way home, which really frustrated me. It almost feels like I pulled something, but I'm really hoping that it was just a fluke and that I can get back to training again. I'll be really sad if I've screwed myself over.

Chicago is such a big deal to me. I have run two full marathons, but they were both at Disney. I feel like Chicago is going to be a completely different ball game and I want to be able to do my best. I'm so nervous about it. I don't want a running injury to screw up my training and, thus, screw up my experience. I'm not sure what to do.

I think that I'm going to try to run tomorrow and see what happens. I'm going to take it easy and not try to push it too hard.

(especially with Tropical Storm Debby finally leaving... I'd like to experience some sunshine.)

Goal: 1000 miles/366 days
So far: 273.94 miles/178 days
To go: 726.06 miles/188 days

Monday, June 25, 2012

Chicago Marathon Training: Days 4 and 5

I am beyond exhausted. So here's an update. Today I didn't run. 
However, yesterday and Friday, I did run. A lot.
Now my body hurts.
(and the weather sucks, what the heck, Florida??)

I did a long run yesterday- nine miles. It was wonderful and exhausting at the same time. It was also the first time that I've run that distance since April. It was also the most difficult run that I've had since the Tour de Pain: Extreme (in April). I literally almost threw in the towel and gave up. 

Friday wasn't so bad, except for the rain. I tried to be quick so that I wouldn't get drenched. That wasn't too bad actually. I'm getting pretty good at peeling my wet clothes off and hopping in a warmish shower after a run. Woo hoo.

I realize that I just wrote these up in the wrong order, but that's okay with me. yay...

Goal: 1000 miles/366 days
So far: 270.94 miles/176 days
To go: 729.06 miles/190 days

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Chicago Marathon Training: Day three. (Hot!!)

Today was hot.
I ran semi-quickly. (about a minute slower than my race pace, which is pretty good for a training run for me.)
It was hot. Did I say that already?
It was supposed to be five miles. I ended up with a little more than five and a half. I'm really bad at stopping when I'm supposed to. Part of it is that I want to make sure that I'm not short of the distance that I am supposed to have.
The running part wasn't too bad, but the heat was really rough to run in. I might need to think about getting up early to run. ....ha.

Either it is rainy or it is extremely hot outside. I guess that when it is hot, more people feel like running. There were many more people out on the trail today than were there yesterday.

I'm almost done with week one of training.

Clearly, I don't really feel like writing.
The end.

Goal: 1000 miles/366 days
So far: 258.7 miles/173 days
To go: 741.3 miles/193 days

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Chicago Marathon Training: Day 2

Today, it was difficult to get myself to actually go run. Since it was the second day of my training, I went. I'm glad that I did.

I was supposed to run 5 miles today and it was rainy and a little awful. It wasn't a full force monsoon level rain like it was last week, but it was pretty substantial. The only good thing about the rain was that it wasn't terribly hot out. It was actually a decent temperature. I was supposed to do a hill run, but I don't have a hilly course to run on. Well, I'm sure that there is one somewhere around here, but I haven't really gotten acclimated with the area beyond the route that I normally use. I guess that's something that I am going to need to work on while I'm training.

Anyways, it was definitely rainy. I had a much better pace than I did yesterday. I guess that in exchange for not doing a hill run, I decided that I would push it pretty hard. I definitely pushed myself.

When I was almost home, Katherine had gotten home and went out to run. I ended up running with her for about five minutes, but I was too tired to stay with her for her entire run. In total, I ended up with a little more than five and a quarter miles, which I am pretty happy with.

Tomorrow is "5 miles easy". I'm going to try to get out there in the morning, because I have so many things to do and the week is already almost over! Crazy...

Oh! I registered for Goofy's Challenge yesterday! woo hoo!!
I'll probably sign up for the 5k later. I really loved Dopey-ing it this year, so I've got to do it next year too! haha.

Goal: 1000 miles/366 days
So far: 253.07 miles/172 days
To go: 746.93 miles/194 days

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Chicago Marathon training day one.

I've never actually followed a "for real" training plan for any race before. I've generally just flown by the seat of my pants and hoped for the best. This is weird for me and is definitely a new experience. I'm using a training plan that I found in Runner's World last week. I'm starting to get really nervous about Chicago, so I'm going to try to do it correctly this time. More correct than I normally do, I guess.

(and I do have those pipe dreams of someday running Boston...)

Today I was scheduled a 3 mile "easy" run. I'm not used to three mile runs and was almost disappointed with the short distance. I was tempted to run longer, but decided to go with it. By "easy", I ran half and walked half. I'm not sure that is what it meant by easy and I need to look more into that, I guess. I didn't push myself at all and my pace was terrible slow. I talked to my mom on the phone for about half of the time that I was out there.

It was weird to come back after three miles. I felt like I still had a lot of energy, but I'm really trying to trust the system. I'm just not good at trusting the system. (That goes beyond running. haha.) That's something that I'm working on.

I don't understand how I get SO dirty when I'm running. Granted, I run on a path and I ran in the grass a little today, but my ankles were caked with dirt when I got home. I'm not sure how that works out.

Tomorrow, I have six miles lined up! I'm excited. I'm going to work on my pace a little bit more tomorrow than I did today.

In other exciting news: Kath and I are registering for Disney's Marathon Weekend today!! Yay! I'm going to be Goofy again (likely Dopey) and she'll be running her first full!

Goal: 1000 miles/366 days
So far: 247.78 miles/171 days
To go: 752.22 miles/195 days

Saturday, June 16, 2012

busy. mid distance. sore body.

Today's run was about mid-distance. My body is mad that I've been running so much after taking too much time off. I have to head to work soon, so I'm going to leave you with a quote.

"Running helps me stay on an even keep and in an optimistic frame of mind." -Bill Clinton

Goal: 1000 miles/366 days
So far:  244.27 miles/168 days
To go: 755.73/198 days

Friday, June 15, 2012

blurring the line

I had a conversation with Katherine the other day. It was a conversation I never really thought that I would have with anybody. Ever. I was getting changed into my pajamas and looked at myself in the mirror. (If you know me well, you know that I RARELY look at myself in the mirror. Self-esteem issues...) The conversation went like this:

Me: Hey Kath!
Kath: What? (frantically. I might have yelled a little. ha.)
Me: Look! My stomach is almost flat now!
Kath: Yup, it is.

It seems sort of silly, but it was a big moment for me. I've been fat. I've been obese. I've been embarassed by my body and have bought lots of loose t-shirts to hide it. I've untagged myself in photo after photo on Facebook. I've almost been in hiding, in a sense. It's been about three and a half yaers since I started losing weight, first through Weight Watchers, then through running. (The running has stuck a lot longer than the Weight Watchers.) I even strength train now.

I've lost a lot of weight. A lot. My body is not where I want it to be. But it's closer. I'm glad that I have a lot of pictures of me as I've lost weight in order to show myself the process. It's hard to have those pictures, me showing my body in a way that I'd never show an actual human being. But they're saved on my computer and I can look at them when I need to. I'm not obese anymore. I'm almost into a normal weight range, according to my BMI. It's amazing.


Anyways, I ran again today.
My legs are burning. Like crazy. But I did it.
It wasn't a long run, but I'm glad I'm back out there. My training plan for Chicago starts in a few days. I'm going to actually try to follow a plan for the first time ever. I want to get myself to where I want to be. I'm tired of waiting around for things to happen. I want to make them happen. Something in me has changed in the last few weeks. It's more than running.

This is my life. I need to be happy. I can't sit around and wait to be happy. I have to seek it out. I thought I was getting happy, but maybe that happiness was dependent on the approval and support of others. I need it to be dependent on me. That's part of why I run. It's independent. It's who I am.

...that's also why I write.

I'm afraid that in the coming weeks, I'm going to have a major life transformation moment and that this blog will become blurred. A blur of running and writing, those lives and my private life.. the life I keep to myself. I'm not sure how to handle that.

But yes. Today was a little over five miles. I'm pleased.

Goal: 1000 miles/366 days
So far: 238.58 miles/167 days
To go: 761.42 miles/199 days

crazy storms equal intense runs

I'm getting good at this. "Returning"to running." I've just gotten bad at doing it repeatedly. I'm not sure what the problem is. I mean, there definitely are a whole slew of excuses, but none that truly matter.

So today, I went running for the first time in a month or something. I actually got up really early today, because I heard Kath's shower running. So I chatted with her while she got ready for work and then laid back down. I was awake for a while afterward... so I thought about running. Next thing I knew, I rewoke up at 11ish and it was definitely already getting hot out. I ended up going out for a run at a little after 1. I really struggled throughout my run and planned to turn around and make it a short run (maybe 4 miles or so), espeially because of the heat. (This is going to be a tough summer. Thanks Florida.) When I got past the two mile turn around point, I just kept going for whatever reason. I guess I felt like I needed to push it today.

I actually had to stop twice and sit on different benches on my path to rest. It was really rough. Maybe I pushed myself too hard for being out of running for such a long time. When I got to the end of the trail, where I  normally turn around and come back much more slowly than I went out, I heard thunder. Then the dark clouds started rolling in. I started speeding up. My walk breaks became much shorter and my running became more speedy. I had three miles to make up for. The thundering got worse, but the air definitely cooled, which made it much easier for me to continue onward.

I pushed it because I didn't want to get rained on. It started sprinkling when I was about a mile from home. It really let loose when I was about five minutes from home. I tucked my cell phone in my shirt and took off. (I don't know why I thought my shirt would be dry. I was soo sweaty.)

I got home with soaked clothes.. and was freezing. I'm a little concerned that my shoes will still be wet tomorrow.

Anyways... I took some pictures of the scary clouds... BEFORE I got dumped on.

Goal: 1000 miles/366 days
So far: 233.38 miles/166 days
To go: 766.62 miles/200 days