Friday, July 23, 2010

Packing, Moving, and Running... exhausting combination.

I've run a few times in the past few days without updating. That breaks my number one blogging rule, but I am trying to get things done to prepare for my 900 mile road trip/move this weekend.

I might update tomorrow, because I WILL be running tomorrow, but I have a ton to get done to finish up packing because I'm loading up and leaving EARLY Saturday morning. Moving to Florida hasn't felt real until now, actually. ha.

My run tonight was fairly exhausting. I'm worn out, burned out, exhausted. I still did my long run, which I'm proud of. Sometimes, I'd rather just go to bed than go for a run, especially because I'm so stressed out getting things together for my move.

I need to get more long runs in. I can think better and I'm definitely more calm after I go for a run... typically, that is. I don't know what it is. While I'm running, I think more freely and, though I'm usually pushing myself pretty hard and am tired, I can calm my brain down. Usually, my brain and thoughts are going a mile a minute, which can be overwhelming. Physical activity definitely helps, though. I guess I never thought that running would be my activity of choice. I still feel like I'm a swimmer at heart, but I'm not as attached to the thought that I am a swimmer as I once was. I'm more open to new opportunities, I guess.

As long as I find a decent job, I'm going to register to do the Wine&Dine at Disney World this October. It's a half marathon and is the weekend before my birthday. I think it would be really fun. I might be able to convince Katherine to race with me... but we'll see about that. :)

Goal: 1000 miles/365 days
So far: 430.23 miles/261 days
To go: 569.77 miles/104 days

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Still achy...

My body still hurts some from my day at the lake over the weekend. I think that I may have pushed myself to a limit of some sort. I'm feeling a lot better than I was Monday and yesterday, though. I'm definitely glad about that, because I have to work long days for the next three days. Ugh.

Since I'm still achy, I decided to take it pretty easy tonight. I combined walking with my running and made sure that my running was at a decently slow pace so that I didn't push myself too hard. I'm glad that I did, so that hopefully I can get in a few really good runs in the next week and a half before I move.

The move is coming up really quickly! It's crazy. My running stuff will be one of the last things that I pack and the first that I unpack.

Goal: 1000 miles/365 days
So far: 419.38 miles/253 days
To go: 580.62 days/112 days

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Race Report: TRF Runners on Parade '10 (and more)

So, on Saturday, I ran the Three Rivers Festival Runners on Parade. Basically, it was a 5k that runs part of a parade route that officially starts the Three Rivers Festival in Fort Wayne, which is my favorite festival in my hometown and has been since I was really young. It was also the first race that I participated in in 2010, not to mention my first ever 5k. A lot of firsts. Running a first 5k also means your first official PR. lol. However, I can't find any official results online, which is a little disappointing, but I had my Nike+, which helps me to see my time.

It was really tough to get to the race. With the parade starting, parking in downtown Fort Wayne was a mess. I hadn't gotten much sleep the night before- Andi, Katherine, and I decided to have a sleepover and pretend we were back in high school... lol. I eventually got to the race and realized I had left my iPod in the car. Ugh! Andi actually went back to get it for me and got it to the start like a few minutes before it was time to start.

I had two goals for the race: run the whole thing without any walking, which I didn't end up doing. I haven't really trained much in a long time, so I had to walk some. I also wanted to average about 12 minute miles, which I DID accomplish. According to my Nike+, I ran 11.53 miles, which is awesome. Actually, at the end, my iPod let me know that I had run my fastest mile so far. (I've only had the device since May, so it's probably not my fastest ever mile, but still...). I'm really impressed with how it turned out.

The race was a lot tougher than I thought it would be. I feel like I'm better trained for longer distances, which is weird to me. I felt like I was just getting into my groove at the end, so I could have gone longer and faster. It was a new experience for me, for sure, but maybe one that I won't be participating in a lot. The first few miles of any race are usually the most difficult for me, which probably had something to do with my frustration... plus I couldn't run the whole thing without stopping which also was stressing me out. It's nice, though, to have people at the end who are specifically cheering for me. Kath and Andi were at the finish line waiting, which was a great feeling.

I always feel like the finish is the best part of the race, with the crowds excited and cheering. One thing that propelled me through this particular race was the fact that there were SO many people there. They were there to watch the parade, as the route ran through part of the parade route, but it still felt like they had interest in watching us race. That was really meaningful to me.

I do wish that I could have run with someone again. It's not the same... running by yourself and running with a companion. I really enjoy running with someone, so it was strange to be by myself. Even the last race that I ran... I technically ran at my own pace, but I knew that both my mom and Katherine were also running. It was just strange to realize how solitary racing can be, even in big groups. Something to think about, I guess.

I've run a few miles since then, but I didn't run yesterday because I went to my grandparents' lake house... and went skiing and tubing. Now my entire body aches... Ugh. Just what I need!

Goal: 1000 miles/365 days
So far: 412.23 miles/251 days
To go: 587.77 miles/114 days

Friday, July 9, 2010

Sore legs, but 400 miles down!

So apparently the EasyTones work. I'm so sore. Actually, it didn't start hurting until tonight while I was running. Hmph. I didn't think I would be able to finish my run tonight, but I've cut too many runs short lately, so I pushed through. I ended up walking a lot of it, which was disappointing, but not terrible, considering that I almost gave up. I'm proud of myself that I endured.

Saturday is my first 5k! I've run two half marathons and am running a full in January, but I've never run a 5k. I suppose that's somewhat interesting. I'm a little nervous about it. It's in my hometown and a lot of my family will be there, along with Katherine and her mom. After the race is the 3 Rivers Parade, which kicks off the 3 Rivers Festival, which has been my FAVORITE festival ever. I've gone pretty much every year since I was very young... last year I worked in a trailer selling ice cream, but this year I'll be back in attendance, which will be incredible. I'm really excited. But back to the 5k. The 3 Rivers Runners on Parade 5k will be my first race of the 2010, so I'm excited (and nervous and hoping my legs will stop aching before Saturday).

I'm starting to get nervous about running Goofy's Challenge in January. My training isn't quite where I want it to be and I realize that I still have some time to keep working at it. It just makes me nervous that I won't be completely ready by then. I'm probably just overanalyzing myself. I'm good at that.

I'm planning a long run this week on either Tuesday or Wednesday, maybe both days, but probably not. I have both days off this week, which is unusual for me, but that's alright. I need to get a couple good runs in before I move away. I'm starting to get a little nostalgic about my time in Indiana, but I'm excited to move and get adjusted to a new place and environment.

I'm taking tomorrow off from running to relax my muscles. Then Saturday is the race!

Goal: 1000 miles/365 days
So far: 401.63 miles/247 days
To go: 598.37 miles/118 days

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ozone Warning.

I ran again tonight after work. It was late, but that's okay. I ended up running on the treadmill, which is a little disappointing, but that's okay. Treadmills do come in handy every once in a while. I just don't really enjoy using them as a regular method of working out.

There was apparently an ozone warning this afternoon. I guess I should have checked out the weather before I actually left. No wonder I drank my entire water bottle in half an hour. It's good that I decided to bring it with me.  Oh well, though. I'm a little glad that I didn't decide to try to run really hard and far today. In the next few days, I'll be able to run in the evenings, which will be nice. It will be cooler outside, but still light out.

Oh well. Bedtime.

Oh! I'm excited that Kath is seeing a podiatrist tomorrow, finally. She might be able to find out what is wrong with her foot. We're hoping that it's something that can easily be helped so that she can get out and start running again. I'm trying to convince her to run a half with me in October.

Goal: 1000 miles/365 days
So far: 396.31 miles/246 days
To go: 603.69 miles/119 days

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


It's HOT out.

I need to start setting my alarm early to go running outside, because I'm becoming exhausted of running on the treadmill late after work. It's not quite what I wanted for my summer running. I guess that running early is what it's going to have to be. Somehow. ha.

I ran 2.25 miles in 30 minutes, which is decent timing for the heat, but wasn't the distance that I wanted. I just couldn't keep going. Or maybe that's too much negativity. Maybe I could have kept going, but I just didn't. I'm not sure.

Anyways, 5k on Saturday morning. It'll be a part of my big Indiana goodbye. I'm excited!

I have to get ready for work now. I'm going to go for another run tonight.

Goal: 1000 miles/365 days
So far: 392.69 miles/246 days
To go: 607.31 miles/119 days

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

slow and steady wins the race

Something hit me the other day. I looked at my bank account and thought about all of the money that I have been spending on horribly unhealthy choices, specfically on fast food. Fast food does not help me in my goal.. at all. It is keeping my motivation down, keeps my health and weight stagnant, and does not allow me to get to the point that I want to be at... the point in which I FEEL that I should be. I'm not there. I cannot continue to eat like that. Not only that, but fast food is ridiculously expensive. I've been saving money for a long time for grad school and I would have, probably, a thousand dollars more if I was eating healthily. It's something that I really want to and need to stick to. I don't know why it's so hard for me. I've been working on this for over a year now, on this health thing, on running. I don't know why it's still hard. I feel like I should be an expert by now, but I'm not. It's a process and I'm still working on it.

I bought Reebok EasyTones today. I wore them while walking around at the mall for a few hours. I hope that they help my legs, too. I'm proud of the work that I've done so far on my legs, but I'm excited for the way the shoes might be able to help me even further in my process. Tomorrow, I'm going to wear them to work. I'll probably be sore, because I went for a pretty long run tonight and wore the shoes for several hours today, on top of the fact that I will be wearing them tomorrow. It might be interesting.

My run today was REALLY awesome. I actually feel like I'm on my way to training for Goofy's Challenge in January. I was able to run/walk more than 7 miles, which was incredible. I'm really excited about how well it went. I'm looking forward to doing a 10 or 11 mile run later this week.. actually, that will probably be tomorrow. I'm going to write out my weekly running plan while I'm at work tomorrow, because these next few weeks are going to be ridiculous with my running and working... and MOVING. I move to Orlando in less than 3 weeks now. I'm starting to freak out, actually.

I just want to mention that I am getting proud of my leg muscles.

Goal: 1000 miles/365 days
So far: 390.44 miles/244 days
To go: 609.56 miles/121 days

Friday, July 2, 2010

Two Days in a Row! Motivation might be back!

I love a run when it is tough, but wonderful all in one. That's what tonight's run was. Thank goodness. Nights like tonight help propel me forward, because my motivation has been so low lately. I'm thankful that I actually ran, though I felt like sleeping, and that it was great. That will help motivate me to continue running tomorrow and days after that.

Someone left me a treat in my show today. I didn't notice until I had just begun to run that I had something in my shoe. When I took it off, I found an earring. I have two suspects likely suspects. Though, I must admit that both are entirely too adorable to get in trouble for anything like that. Ever. haha.



If it weren't for my awesome friend Katherine, I would not have actually made it to the gym after work today. I'm thankful that she pushed me, though, because I had a great run. She can't even run because of her foot pains, but she sat down there with me while I ran on the treadmill (I left for work at 9:15 this morning and was only home for 20 minutes before 11:15. No joke. It was too late to run outside.). That's dedication, though.

My run was longer than yesterday's, but not quite to the point that I want to be at yet. I'm looking for some races this fall, because this summer ended up busier than I anticipated, work wise, and I didn't actually register for any summer races. (disappointment.) I know of at least one race that I'm interested in, but I'm going to try to find the best deal, because finances are important. I feel like races help me to remain motivated, especially when it's hard to push myself. Research, research, research.

Definitely excited that I ran again today. July & I are off to a good start!

Goal: 1000 miles/365 days
So far: 381.92 miles/239 days
To go: 618.08 miles/126 days

Thursday, July 1, 2010

back at it.

Motivation has been tough to come by lately, which has had more of an affect on my endurance than I expected.

Running today was really tough. I cut my run in half, which was disappointing. I'm going to have to start working my way up toward running long distances again, which I'm really disappointed about. I'm still going to hold onto my goal of getting to 500 miles before I move. I would really like to finally have gotten to that point. It's not TOO far away. It's manageable... as long as I can get myself out there and run more. I don't know. I can do it. With motivation.

There were a few reasons that my run was so tough today. First, I have horrible cramps today. Horrible. Second, related to said cramps, I woke up after four hours of sleep with cramps and could not go back to sleep. It was awful. I'm exhausted and my body aches. Not a good day to start up running again after not doing it for a while.

I'm going to get out my planner and, next to my work schedule, physically write down my planned mileage for each day. I think that it will be a lot easier to be motivated to follow through if I have a plan. It's hard when I just tell myself that I should run, but then I end up not actually doing it.

In other news, my butt muscle hasn't been hurting lately. We'll see how it feels after I work 12ish hours for 4 days in a row. Hopefully, I'm cured.

Exciting! Katherine sees a podiatrist next week so my running partner might become healed and more able to hold me accountable for my running! Woohoo!

Goal: 1000 miles/365 days
So far: 375.16 miles/238 days
To go: 624.84 miles/127 days