Tuesday, February 9, 2010

anticipating orlando running.

Sooooooo it looks like I will be running in Orlando next year! I got into the University of Central Florida to pursue my graduate studies. I'm really excited about it. It'll be year round outdoor running for me. haha. It's definitely a relief to get into a school... & it was my top choice, besides UNC-Chapel Hill, but there's no way that I could logically get into school there in all honesty. Wow. Today was a better day.

I took it easy running again. Our snow is supposed to stop by mid afternoon tomorrow, so in a few days, after some plowing and salting the sidewalks, I should be able to run outside again. I'm hoping that next week I will be outside. That would be so wonderful. There's just something about fresh air combined with pavement and the rubber soles of shoes. I think I might sound insane right now. I just love being outside. Just a year ago, when I first started to seriously exercise, I always ran on the treadmill. It wasn't until last summer that I started running outside. I love it, though.

Anyways. today. The run went okay. I took it easy again. My ankle seems to be better, but my leg muscles are still bothering me a little. I'm just going to take it fairly easy this week, save for maybe Thursday and/or Sunday, because I'm going to have to take Friday & Saturday off from running due to insane hours that I am working. My life is a balancing act, though.. which will probably not be letting up anytime soon.

Good news about living in Orlando: saves money on lodging for the Disney Marathon Weekend next January. I still haven't signed up, but probably will this week now that I'm not as worried about what I will be doing with my life at that point. I have eleven months to train for Goofy's Challenge. I need to seriously start picking it up. I've found a couple races that I want to do this summer before I move away. One is in Chicago and one is a full in South Bend. They are two weeks apart, which is kind of scary.

Anyyyyways... happy running! :)

Goal: 1000 miles/365 days
So far: 192.21 miles/93 days
To go: 807.79 miles/272 days

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  1. Yay! now you will just have to worry about it being too hot lol! And you really have a goal to work towards! I'm so proud of you.