Sunday, May 30, 2010

Exhausting Run Today. Ugh...

I'm so worn out. I ran this afternoon and it was ridiculously hot out. I did surpass my goal, though my pace was reeeally slow. I'm a little bit disappointed, but that's alright. My best is all that I can do. I just really struggled today. I'm glad that I actually went for a run, though, because sometimes when I feel worn out, I don't go at all. I'm thankful that I got out there.

I'm just not sure how to get used to the heat, because it's definitely going to be hot out for the rest of the summer. Then I'm moving to Florida, which will also be warm fairly consistently. I'm going to have to get accustomed to it... somehow. I'm going to have to find a small water bottle that I can carry while I run, because I get very parched. I felt like my entire mouth was drying out. The only way I can get away without carrying a little bit of water with me is if someone sets up water tables for me while I run.

Speaking of water tables, I went for a run a few weeks ago during a time when a bunch of garage sales were going on. A little girl, probably six or seven, had a lemonade stand out. She looked like she thought I would buy some lemonade for her, but I was not carrying any change with me. I wish that I had, though.

I tried a new route today. It was more in the sun than my usual route. The route that I normally run is more in the shade and in a less populated area. Today I just decided to run out of my apartment and run down some streets around me, rather than to drive somewhere. I guess it might have been a better idea to run in the shade, but I wasn't thinking about the sun and the heat when I left. That was dumb. Oh well.

I also lubed up my thighs, because I've had some chaffing since I switched from pants to shorts when I run. However, it seemed like the vaseline wasn't 100% effective. Toward the end of the run, I felt my thighs sticking together again. I'm not sure what to do. Maybe I need to use more vaseline. I don't know. humm...

Now I have to get ready for work... after work, I think I'm going to rest and relax a little bit... or I might go down to the gym and lift. I'm not sure yet.

Goal: 1000 miles/365 days
So far: 347.81 miles/204 days
To go: 652.19 miles/161 days

Finding motivation

I've, once again, been busy to exhaustion lately. My muscle has been okay for the most part and I'm still treating it with what I read online- with the heating and cooling thing and with ibuprofen. If it gets worse, I will have to see a doctor. Right now, I'm okay though. I've been really cautious at work with lifting boxes and tubs of ice cream and mix. So far, so good. It's hard to just find some other way to do my job at work, because, when I'm there, I'm the only one making ice cream. That's a lot of lifting on my shoulders.

I've been trying to think of ways to regain and maintain motivation. I've been reading a lot of running books, which have been really great. Right now, I'm reading "The Runner's Rule Book" by Mark Remy and I LOVE it. The book is a pretty easy read, is full of really interesting information, while being comical and lighthearted. There is interesting and useful information combined with humor. I really like that it's an easy read, because my brain has been fried recently. Reading books about running has helped me regain motivation, which I'm glad for.

Another way that I'm working on maintaining motivation is to continue running daily, even if it is just for a few miles. Sometimes, I feel like I just don't have the time to go for a long run... and that's because I'm busy much of the time. I still have two jobs, I'm still packing my apartment to move across the country, I'm reading some, getting ready to start graduate school in a few months, and I'm still running a lot. All of it is exhausting. However, running daily helps me to calm down and feel accomplished. I made myself a chart through the middle of July to help me keep running and training for races. I'd like to do the trathlon in July. I'm 90% sure that I'm going to register for it. It's just going to take some further training. I know that I have it in me, somewhere deep down. haha.

Making a chart of my mileage is going to really help me maintain motivation. I put it on the fridge so that I see it regularly and can think about it when I'm just getting up in the morning. I'm also going to write it in my day planner, too, because I write everything in it and it helps keep me organized.

Today's run went ok. I had a really long day- 7 hours at work, followed by 3 hours at a wedding reception with my family, and two long drives... so I almost felt too tired to run. I'm definitely glad that I did, even though I was already exhausted. (Weddings in my family are pretty wild. I think I danced with my cousin or uncle for three hours straight. One of them was around pretty much the entire time. My body isn't used to that kind of movement!) I ran a little over 5 miles, which was my goal. I didn't have a lot of struggles or pain during my run. A few times I was a little sore, but I fought through. I think that I was successful. haha.

Tomorrow I'm going for a 5.5 mile run, which isn't too long or too short. I'm looking forward to it.

At work today, people were asking me again how it is that I can actually run as much as I do. I try to explain that anybody can run a half marathon if they train for it. It bothers me when people say that it is impossible, because it really isn't. It just takes a lot of drive.

Goal: 1000 miles/365 days
So far: 342.12 miles/203 days
To go: 657.88 miles/162 days

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Temporary (I hope) Bump in the Road

Last night I woke up several times with pain in my butt muscle. I know that I must have strained a muscle, and I remember that I first hurt it at work a month ago or something. I was lifting a box of ice cream mix and I felt an incredible pain, so much that I doubled over and almost screamed. However, I was at work, so I didn't scream and the pain subsided after a while. It only has hurt a little since then, but the other night when I was running, I felt that same pain come back. That time I almost fell down and I did scream. So for the past few days, I've been having muscle spasms in my butt, which is awful. I could be laying, sitting, standing, running... anything. It's almost random. I did some research online and decided that it is probably a muscle strain, so I went to the store and got some icyhot patches. Then I laid on the couch for a few hours with a patch on my rear. I've never used an icyhot patch before. It was a new experience. I'm going to try to be using it fairly regularly for the next few days. It feels better right now, but we'll see how it is tomorrow. Katherine also suggested that I take some ibuprofen... and by suggested, I mean that she practically forced medication down my throat. haha.

I feel better now, but I'm concerned that I have to work tomorrow... and it's probably going to be a long shift of making ice cream. I'm going to have to be lifting a lot of heavy boxes and containers, but I'll have to hope for the best.

Luckily, when I ran today, I didn't have problems with my muscle. It was reaaaaaally hot though. I also was disappointed, because my ipod was dead. I guess I left it on accidentally the last time that I used it. That means no Nike+ for me. I was tempted to go back home and charge my ipod and then try again, but I didn't, so I just ran a route that I've run several times before and that I have already memorized the length of. The heat was awful. I'm trying to get accustomed to running in the heat, because Florida weather is going to be mostly like Indiana summer except for a lot of extra time every year. I was able to finish close to five miles, which is okay mileage, but could be better. I'm going to shoot for six miles tomorrow and attempt to lengthen my runs so that I can be marathon ready soon.

There's a triathalon around here that is coming up in July. It will be before I move. I've been wanting to do this triathalon for two years or something. I'd have to do some bike training and get in the pool again, but I think I can do it. The water is basically where I used to live every summer and I've been swimming for as long as I can remember. My biking skills aren't quite to the point that I'd like them to be, but I'm still interested in the race. I'd be doing it alone, but I think that I could convince someone to come watch me race. I've thought more and more about it every day... for like a week. haha. I'm definitely leaning toward doing it. There's also a race in a few weeks that I'm interested in, but I'd have to register like... NOW... and ask off days at work. hmm...

Goal: 1000 miles/365 days
So far: 336.95 miles/200 days
To go: 663.05 miles/165 days

seeking motivation

Today was exhausting. I was excited that I only had to work for a few hours, but I ended up picking up a few extra hours at work, which isn't neccessarily a bad thing. Then I went out and had dinner and saw a movie with some friends. Plus the air conditioning was broken at work today, which definitely just made me feel more sluggish and tired.

My run today was pretty successful. I pushed myself fairly hard, but still completed a pretty good run and didn't have much pain doing it. I think that resting yesterday was helpful in ensuring that I wasn't hurting and having muscle spasms like I was on Sunday night. I am worn out though. I'm considering trying to run in the mornings rather than in the evenings, because I might have more energy then. Sometimes, I just really enjoy being able to lay in my bed and relax for a little bit in the mornings. If I was getting up and going for a run early in the morning, I'd definitely not be laying around. It's just something I might try.

I'm making an effort to eat more healthily. I've tried it before and eating right definitely makes a difference. Sometimes it's tough, though, because when I work, it is really easy for me to run to a food court or get something in the drive through. I'm going to try bringing my own food and eating it at work. Today I brought my own food but decided I didn't want heated up in the microwave food, because the building I was working in was almost 90 degrees inside. So my grandma brought me something to eat, though it would have been healthier to eat what I brought. I'll forgive myself this time.

I'm trying to scramble back onto the running bandwagon, I guess. It's a little bit tough, because I feel like I really fell off track. I want to find a race to run before I move... or after I move, or both. I don't have a lot of money, so I can't really run as many races as I've considered running lately... it would just be really nice to be able to run one really awesome race this summer. I need to do some researching. Maybe I will tomorrow, because I have the day off.

Tomorrow's official plans are: runnnnn. read. eat. haha.

Goal: 1000 miles/365 days
So far: 332.12 miles/199 days
To go: 667.88 miles/166 days

Monday, May 24, 2010

Tough run yesterday

Wow. It has been a long time since I have run... or written about running.

My trip to Florida went well. Lots of business taken care of, but not a whole lot of time to relax. That's okay, though. I didn't really have the opportunity to run, either, which I was worried about. I'm a little disappointed about that. I scoped out the area around the new apartment complex, though, and saw a couple great places to run. I'm definitely excited about that.

I got back LATE Wednesday night and have worked all day every day since then (except Saturday when I had other plans after work that still kept me busy until late), until last night. I got off work at 5 and didn't work extra hours or have other plans. I finally got to go running again. I feel like I keep reiterating the need for me to make running a priority in my life. It's hard when I miss one or two days, because then I just can't get myself to run again. However, if I run regularly, it really is so much easier to keep going. That's just something that I've thought of.

I'm really disappointed that I haven't run in any races this summer yet. I'm not sure that I will be able to. I REALLY want to, though. Hmph. I need to find one to run, desperately.

Last night, running was pretty tough. It was exhausting... and I've been having a lot of pains lately at work in one of the muscles in my butt. I'm not sure what it is, but it started hurting when I was running yesterday. I probably should have stopped, but I walked for a little bit and then pushed myself harder than I should have, considering the pain almost made me buckle over for a moment. I feel okay today and I can walk. The first time that it started hurting, I was at work and lifting heavy boxes. I'm a little worried about it, but I'm not sure what there is to do about muscle pains, rather than to take time off. I already have taken time off.

I didn't run very far yesterday, either. With the pain in my butt and the time that has past since I have last run, I figured that I should take it easy a little. I pushed myself harder than I probably should have, but my distance and time were fairly slow. I'm not complaining about it, just pointing out that I was able to take it a little easy. I'm glad for that.

I'm excited for warm weather. :) It's wonderful out. After work today, I'm hoping to get to go for a long run. It has been really hot out though, so it might be tough getting used to the heat.

Goal: 1000 miles/365 days
So far: 324.93 miles/197 days
To go: 675.07 miles/168 days

Saturday, May 15, 2010

cut my run short.

I checked the weather before I went out this morning to run. It lied.. because it was definitely not 58 degrees outside. It's probably more like 70 already.. and it was barely nine am. From now on, I'm not believing anything that the internet says that the weather is. I guess I'll just have to go outside in my pajamas and assess the weather myself. Hmph.

Needless to say, since I was dressed for weather in the high fifties- shorts and a long sleeved shirt, my run was cut short. I got ridiculously hot and just could not finish. I wanted to run five miles or run an hour, whichever came first. I headed back home at 4 miles, which I'm a little disappointed about, especially because I used to always have my best runs when I'm staying at my mom's house, which I do every weekend for work. Now, I feel like that has changed a little bit. It's just a little bit frustrating. I'm going to have to figure out a different way, I guess.

Needless to say, summer running is going to be interesting. I might have to invest in some sort of a portable, easy to carry water bottle or something, because I really don't want to become dehydrated.

I'm heading to Florida tomorrow to look at apartments and hopefully get everything worked out to move in a couple of months. I'm going to try to run a couple of times, hopefully. We'll see how it works out, I guess. Good luck to me.

Goal: 1000 miles/365 days
So far: 319.33 miles/189 days
To go:680.67 miles/ 176 days

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

New PR & Huge Accomplishments.

After my running yesterday, I expected to be a little bit sore and exhausted today. It was not as bad as I expected it to be, though, which is awesome. I had a fairly lazy day, though, which is unusual for me. I'm not used to just sitting around. It was nice though. I did a little laundry and worked on my resume a little bit more. I'm going to start sending it out this week, because I really need a job to help me get through grad school.

I struggled a little bit to find my motivation today, once again. I've had a hard time finding the time to run lately, but now that I have had the time, it has been a little bit difficult to actually get out there and do it. I sat around and found all sorts of other things to do besides run, but then I finally got up and went. I am very glad that I did though.

I set a ridiculous goal for myself today- 9.5 miles. I ended up not quite reaching the goal, but I ran 9.28 miles in less than 2 hours, which is a huge accomplishment. That's pretty much a PR for me, which is a huge deal. I haven't gotten a PR in such a long time. I'm going to gloat for a little while.

My run was really tough. I thought that I wasn't going to be able to finish for a little bit. I actually started to cry when I got toward the end- which was a mix of a great run and a really tough run. I had set a goal for myself to finish in under two hours, but I wasn't sure that I'd be able to do it. I could have given up. I was exhausted and frustrated... but I didn't give up, for some reason. I'm just really glad that I was able to finish, and with an impressive time. I'm exhausted now, though... and pretty sore. I haven't really pushed myself in quite a while and now I pushed myself two days in a row! haha.

I feel much more motivated and ready to finish out this year and to run the Goofy's Challenge. Obviously, I'm not physically ready for a full marathon yet, let alone Goofy's Challenge, but it's one of the biggest goals that I've set myself toward thus far. I know that it's something that I will have to push myself toward, but it's something that is doable for sure. Accomplishable, definitely.

I need to sign up for two races or so this summer... maybe a full for the fall. We'll see what happens. I wish I had an unlimited supply of money and time. haha.

Goal: 1000 miles/365 days
So far: 315.3 miles/186 days
To go: 684.7 miles/179 days

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Three hundred miles down! :)

Wow. Two tough runs today.

I ran this morning with Katherine. We went on campus and ran for about an hour and fifteen minutes or a little more than that. It was a tough run though, because it was really windy for the majority of the run. It seemed like whatever happened, the wind was against us, though. No matter what direction we turned, the wind was fighting us. My pacing was a little bit slower than what I like, but we got some decent mileage in, considering the weather and it was nice to be out running again. With work and graduation, I haven't run in a few days. I really need to work on pushing myself through and continuing to run, even if it's just a few miles, on days when I'd rather just go to bed early. I've set myself to this huge goal, so I'd really like to be able to follow through. I know that I can. It's just about mind over matter, I guess. haha. Sometimes I'd just rather not get up and go for a run.

It's weird struggling with running this way. I've always been someone that pushes through and does what is needed to be done. It's difficult to continue running when I have so much other stuff going on. I do make running a priority, but it's not the highest on my priority list. I think that I would feel a lot more motivated if I had more time or if I had a race that I could run. I have several that I'm thinking about. I did register for Goofy's Challenge, but that's not until January. I want to be able to push myself to do a race or two this summer. I know that there's nothing like the high after finishing a race. It has been six months since my last one, so I feel like I haven't had that feeling or that motivation in such a long time. It has been tough.

There are so many ways that I can motivate myself and I know that I will finish all of these goals that I have set. I know that I'm a person that can and will follow through with what I want and what I need. Sometimes, it's just difficult. I've worked myself to exhaustion for the past year. Now I just need to focus on getting back to myself again. By doing that, I'm going to set goals for myself, but it doesn't have to be like it has been. I'm not going to have three jobs and go to school full time all at once. That was insane. Right now I'm working and I've graduated, but I'm not working nearly as much as I have. That gives me a lot of free time... to run. haha.

One thing that I love about running is that I can think so clearly. When I run with soeone else, it's nice to be able to talk and have someone to help push me along, but when I'm running by myself, it's wonderful to be able to think. I don't have a lot of time to just think about things, so it's nice to be able to do that. I used to only run inside and I would hate running outside. I spent too much time in the gym. Now, though, being outside is calming and relaxing. I feel more like I can run at my own pace and exercise in the way that I want to for myself. That's something that I definitely enjoy.

Next week, Katherine and I are going to Orlando to check out an apartment and hopefully make a deposit and secure our spot for moving down there. I'm looking forward to the little trip, even though it'll be quick and short and... busy. However, I'm excited that I'll be able to run a little in Orlando, where I'll be living in just three short months. Well, two and a half at this point, or almost. Wow. I'm not going to have a lot of time to run, but I'd like to go out and run a little bit once or twice in the four days that we'll be gone. I'm definitely going to try it out.

Anyways, my second run was by myself and was 2.7 miles. It was nice to be able to run alone and with a running partner in one day. For my run, I stayed around here and ran a few miles away from my apartment complex, through some parking lots, and back. I wanted it to be a quick run, because I have other stuff going on tonight- like a shower and grocery shopping. haha. (and reading! I've missed reading.) I pushed myself pretty hard, even though I was tired from running this morning. I'm glad that I was able to finish my goal run out. I considered running three miles, but I was just exhausted, honestly. I'm still tired. Tomorrow, I'm going to run again. Two days in a row. Be impressed!

I'm excited to announce that I'm officially an alum. I earned my two Bachelor's of Arts Degrees at the end of last week. (Well, officially, my grades were posted today, though I had no fear of not graduating. All A's and B's.) Graduation was a lot of fun on Saturday and I'm pretty excited to move onto the next step in my life..... grad school! Haha. :) 2010 is proving to be a huge year for me.

...aaaand 300 miles down! I'm like 200 miles behind, but that's not too bad, considering my runs are getting longer and my endurance is getting better!

Goal: 1000 miles/365 days
So far: 306.02 miles/185 days
To go: 693.98 miles/180 days

Thursday, May 6, 2010

My Grand Return to Running!

So I'm back!

I could hardly function between school and work, combined with the grief when Teresa died last week. It was definitely tough for a while. It's still a little tough, but I was able to go out and run this morning, which was wonderful. Running is such a release in so many ways.

I got to use my Nike+ for the first time this morning! I've had the shoes for over a week now and I didn't expect that I'd end up so stressed out last week and not realy able to run, so today was awesome. I LOVE it. I don't have to worry about Map My Run, which is a nice tool, but can be a pain sometimes. With the Nike+, I can run wherever I want and still track it! I'm glad that I budgeted my money so that I could buy it. I haven't used the online tool a lot, because I'm busy getting ready to finish my 2 Bachelor's Degrees tomorrow and graduate on Saturday, but it was nice to be able to look at it a little. I think that it's going to become a really useful tool in the upcoming months and year(s).. haha. I do love it.

Running this morning was so exciting! Being finals week, my schedule is a little different than usual, so I was able to run this morning, when I would usually have been at work. Very exciting. It was a little chilly at first, but I got used to it pretty quickly. I warmed up and even was sweaty by the end! haha. I love when it gets warm outside. (Duh, I'm moving to Florida!) I ran all over campus this morning and got to take a look at some of my favorite places over the past few years. I hope that I find a place in Orlando that is as nice to look at as Ball State's campus. It's really pretty here. I'm sure I'll find something. Besides, running isn't entirely about beauty and niceness. It's just partially about beauty. haha.

I'm so excited to be almost done with school.. more time for work, money, and running! That's all that I need in life! lol. I'm going to start running a lot this summer, training for Goofy's Challenge and maybe running a few half marathons. I'd like to be able to run a full marathon sometime in the fall. I think that I will be able to find one that I'm interested in, then I'll feel a little bit more motivated. That's the goal.

I'm a little sad that it has been so long since I've been able to run. I've been struggling with things getting in the way. I need to make this a priority, because it IS a priority. It's just tough to be able to figure out what is the most important priority in my life. I think that's an adult thing to think about. Maybe being 23 makes me an adult. Hmph!

Goal: 1000 miles/365 days
So far: 296.85 miles/180 days
To go: 703.15 miles/185 days