Tuesday, January 26, 2010

powerade puke.

Ugh. Today was cold, windy, and miserable. Winter is back with a vengeance. I was stuck to treadmill running again, but tomorrow is going to be (slightly) above freezing, so I will be able to run outside again. So excited.

The good news, though, is that the treadmills are all fixed in the small gym at my apartment complex, finally. It's been four months or something since one of them has worked and another has been down for a few weeks less than that. Now I can even run on the treadmill when someone else is running, if the weather is terrible.

Hopefully, it'll warm up for good pretty soon and I'll be able to do ALL of my runs outside. I'm excited for that day... and for the day that I'm able to get a normal person's amount of sleep, while getting everything accomplished that I need to accomplish in a day. We'll see if that ever happens.

I'm still trying to do one or two long-ish runs every week so that I'm able to train to do half marathons and full marathons, including Goofy's Challenge. I also want to improve my fitness and be a really awesome runner by the end of all of this. Maybe when I am an awesome runner, I will simply be a more well-rounded, wiser person. Exciting. Maybe that's something that I'll think about, something that I will be able to figure out at the end. Only time will tell how this changes me.

So Runner's World totally lied to me. I read that drinking sports drinking while running can help to refuel (electrolytes, maybe?) moreso than drinking water while running can.. so I bought some powerade and took it with me today. HOWEVER, my powerade made me feel like puking the entire time that I was running and it was pretty much horrible. So I'm mad at Runner's World, but I still have plenty of Powerade. Maybe it will be better next time. I'm not going to just not drink the rest of the expensive sports drink that I bought. Hmph. I'll keep you posted. Promise.

Goal: 1000 miles/365 days
So far: 156.69 miles/80 days
To go: 843.31 miles/285 days

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