Sunday, January 17, 2010

finally a runner.

I decided that I'm going to have to plan my days out better. I almost took an entire week off of running, which was terrible. I don't have any valid excuses for it, besides getting into the school thing again. I really should not be dropping excuses though, because I'm committed to this, so I need to act like it. I'm going to. I'm just going to have to try harder and make a bigger difference or else I'm never going to finish. However, if I actually push myself, I'll both finish this goal and make a huge difference in my life.

I'm thinking about doing the Goofy's Challenge in the Disney Marathon ( It is a half marathon on the Saturday, followed by a full marathon on Sunday morning. That would be 13.1 miles Saturday and 26.2 miles on Sunday. Now, that's a huge goal. I realize that. I think that if I make a huge goal like that, it'll help me validate my longer runs when I really would rather just be doing something else. I'm not sure where my motivation is sometimes. I think that I really want to find a great race to do, but it's just hard right now. I need to do more research and whatnot... I just haven't. I've found a few races that I'm interested in, but it has been tough to find people to participate with me... or even travel with me. It's just a little depressing to have to go alone and lodge alone, then run alone and drive back alone. I'm sure it wouldn't be so bad. I need to join a running club or something. I just wish I actually knew more runners.

I've been thinking about the Nike+. It's getting closer and closer to time to get new shoes... and I really want some device that will be able to track my miles so that I don't have to fiddle with the obnoxiousness of I've heard many positive things about the Nike+ ...most of what I have read seems really great. I just watched a few videos about it, actually. I haven't read much about other tracking devices and, of course, know that I am going to have to do my complete research before I make any such purchase. I guess I'm just wondering how to find information that is straightforward and unbiased. Is that even a reality? ha.

I've become completely immersed in running now. I read about running, think about running, talk about running... and run. I think that's not so bad. It might be okay to be a full blown runner. I guess I might be able to call myself a runner. lol. That's crazy to say. I guess it's a big deal, or something....

Goal: 1000 miles/365 days
So far: 136.09 miles/71 days
To go: 863.91 miles/294 days


  1. I think you could for sure do those races I just wish you had a little more freetime in your life to leave room for the training. It'll be good when you incorporate longer runs into your training too. But I'm proud of how far you have gone even if you have slacked off here and there. Way to go!

  2. I wish that I had more time, too. Things would be much easier if I did. I'm going to try not to slack off anymore!