Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Major breakthrough. Fitspiration.

What. A. Day.
I'm not exaggerating. I got less than five hours of sleep, due to a combination of a bad dream and a late night of studying. It's going to be a tough semester. I can already attest to that and it's only the second week. Wow. So I woke up super early and decided to just stay up and study more. Ugh. Literally, I thought my brain was going to explode by noon. I'm almost done with my readings but not quite. I'll be able to get it done tomorrow.

I plan to get up fairly early tomorrow and go to the gym... then come back home, study, and watch the finale of Oprah before my class. I mean, it won't be a smart use of my gas to do all of that, but I can't miss Oprah. I've always dreamed to be on her show. Not all dreams come true, but whatever. Maybe someday I will meet her or something. Anyways, she's for sure worth my extra $10 in gas for the day. If the roads I lived on weren't so busy, I would just ride my bike like I did as an undergraduate.

Alright- let's talk about my work out today. It's actually exciting this time. I'm glad that I decided to continue my personal training. I'm a little tight on money right now and I've been pretty concerned about whether it has been worth it, because I hadn't felt that much of a connection with my trainer. However, I feel like I learned SO much over the past few weeks, so I stuck it out another couple more weeks. Today I had a fantastic training session. Wow. I'm super inspired today. My strength is definitely improving and I'm starting to feel a little bit more confident. I pushed through all of the exercises and did not give up or take a break for a few seconds or anything. I also felt like I am starting to connect a little bit better with my trainer. I hit the treadmill today, but went pretty slow. However, I'm excited that I got to go on the treadmill today. My ankle really hurts, but I feel like I pushed past some barriers.

It was super important that I was able to push through the barriers that I pushed through today, because I had a mental breakdown before I went to my training session. I literally could not find my shoes and laid on the ground and cried. Between work, school, working out, and every other little detail of my life, I'm overwhelmed. I felt like giving up on my weight loss plan, my exercise goals, my Master's Degree... everything. I just felt like things were getting really tough and life was starting to feel impossible. I needed to have a breakthrough today and I feel like I had it at the gym. I'm thankful for it. Hopefully the positivity can follow through to tomorrow and after that. I know that I can reach my goals. It's just not easy. It never will be, as I tend to set myself up for the toughest goals out there.

My skin is starting to look sort of saggy. Any suggestions on how to fix that? ...besides gaining a ton of weight back of course.

So I watched the Biggest Loser finale tonight. Wow. Some of those people looked incredible. I was especially suprised by Dan, Don, Sarah, Deni, and Ana. Wow!! I was pulling for Irene and am sad that she didn't win, but she looks incredible. I was definitely reminded of last season's finale and my personal inspiration, Ada Wong. I watched some video footage of her on youtube after I watched Biggest Loser tonight and was super inspired. I feel like we have some similar stories of childhood pain, though definitely very different, and she never gave up. I really would like to be a strong person in that I would prevent myself from quitting... and I'd continue to try to reach my goals. That's definitely what I want for myself. And she's a Boston Marathon finisher... which is definitely a HUGE goal that I hold for myself. Who inspires you?

Alright, well, I have eight billion things to do tomorrow, so I guess I should try to sleep a little tonight. Bye bye blog readers!

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