Thursday, May 19, 2011

grumpy. :(

Today was super stressful. I'm actually really glad that I got up early in order to work out rather than to wait until after work becauase... it's close to 11 and I just got home. I ended up working late and my body hurts from being at work for close to 12 hours.

Anyways, I got up early and lifted weights for about 25 minutes & then did some wall sits and planks. It was a fairly easy work out, but the good news is that I DID it. I got myself up and exercised when I really just wanted to roll over and turn my alarm off. In a sense, I started my day off right by doing that, because I had a positive attitude when I got to work (after my break was an hour late, my positive mood disappeared, but that's a different story) and I actually ate really healthily today.

I've struggled a lot with healthy eating. I mean, I know what is good and I know what is bad... and I know how many calories I should eat and so on and so forth. I definitely have the knowledge. However, having the knowledge and doing the right thing are two completely different issues. That's where my problem lies. It's really tough for me to be able to cross into DOING rather than just knowing. When I work 12 hours... I really want to stop and get some fast food on my way home. Today I didn't, although I really wanted to. I could go for some french fries and chicken nuggets! However, my sweet roommate made me some fish and a small baked potato while I was driving home, because she is awesome (and she knew I was in a bad mood)! I'm really thankful for that.

Tomorrow will be a new day. I really hope I can run in the next two weeks.

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