Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Day Two of one month challenge

My ankle's progress: no progress at all.
Today's work out: okay.

This is day TWO of my one month of working out every day. It went okay, I guess. I wasn't that entusiastic about going to the gym today, because I didn't get a whole lot of sleep last night. However, I made a commitment and I definitely intended and still intend to keep to my promise to myself. Since I promised it too all of you loyal blog readers, I guess that I will intend to keep the promise to you as well. :) ha.

First, I did some weight lifting exercises. I should have taken my camera in order to fully show my work out of the day, but alas, I did not. However, Google Images is here to help out in a crisis.

I spent about 30-40 minutes lifting weights. I tried to push myself to my limit without hurting myself. I attempted to use my knowledge that I picked up from my training sessions in order to really exert myself to the fullest. I really struggled with one particular machines. I felt like my arms were getting stronger until yesterday, which was "upper body day" with my trainer. The machine that I really struggled with was a bicep machine, which was also something that I had a hard time with yesterday. I don't know why my biceps are so weak. I guess it's something that I'm going to have to focus on.

I've noticed that, in my training,  I have been focusing on specific muscles each day. I've never really done that while working out by myself. It might be something for me to think about though... or at least look into. Maybe if I specifically focus on legs one day and arms another day... then core a third day, that can help me to equalize my work outs so that one part of my body doesn't get left out. I don't know though. I guess that I don't know a whole lot about exercise in general, beyond running.

I do want to expand my knowledge base though.

After I finished lifting, I went down to the pool. I really wanted to do some cardio- biking or running as well as going to the pool, but I had to cut something out. Unfortunately, I left later than I should have in order to get everything done that I wanted to have done and still make it to class. I chose to not cut out my first day of class, so something else had to go. This time, I cut out the cardio. Yesterday, my healing ankle tendons popped when I was trying to put my shoes on, so they are not feeling too good today. Sadly for me, that means putting off running even longer than before.

Actually, I'm pissed about it. I haven't run in months and I feel like I lost a part of my identity. Fortunately, it's a part of my identity that I know that I can regain. I just have to be careful about it. I definitely don't want to lose running for ever and I am a little concerned that I will just get pissed off and go for a run. That would be an unhealthy choice... yet something completely within my personality. We will see.

I did not count my laps at the pool today, though I wish I had. I probably swam something around 1000 or 1200 meters, which wasn't quite what I usually do, but, again, I had class tonight and was crunched for time. I ended up in a lane between two really fast, really amazing male swimmers. They probably swam two laps for my every half lap. I would have stopped and stared, but I feel like that would have been awkward.

SO: in conclusion, I went to the gym for about an hour and a half... lifted weights and swam. Tomorrow I work from 10:30 am to 9:30 pm so the gym is a little bit out of the question. Instead, I will be pulling out my Wii and playing Wii Biggest Loser Challenge in honor of the Biggest Loser finale next Tuesday.

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Well... that's it. Thanks for enjoying my blog. Or not enjoying it. Or... whatever.


  1. I love that you love the Biggest Loser so much. And Irene is a Portland girl like me!

  2. I voted Irene!

    I like the idea of focusing on certain muscles like your trainer does. My suggestion would be that it would be hard doing a day of just core when your core muscles are so weak right now. I would recommend doing a little core during each workout but then focusing more on arms one day and legs the next but that's just a thought.

    It's tough to start a new routine but 2 days down!