Friday, July 23, 2010

Packing, Moving, and Running... exhausting combination.

I've run a few times in the past few days without updating. That breaks my number one blogging rule, but I am trying to get things done to prepare for my 900 mile road trip/move this weekend.

I might update tomorrow, because I WILL be running tomorrow, but I have a ton to get done to finish up packing because I'm loading up and leaving EARLY Saturday morning. Moving to Florida hasn't felt real until now, actually. ha.

My run tonight was fairly exhausting. I'm worn out, burned out, exhausted. I still did my long run, which I'm proud of. Sometimes, I'd rather just go to bed than go for a run, especially because I'm so stressed out getting things together for my move.

I need to get more long runs in. I can think better and I'm definitely more calm after I go for a run... typically, that is. I don't know what it is. While I'm running, I think more freely and, though I'm usually pushing myself pretty hard and am tired, I can calm my brain down. Usually, my brain and thoughts are going a mile a minute, which can be overwhelming. Physical activity definitely helps, though. I guess I never thought that running would be my activity of choice. I still feel like I'm a swimmer at heart, but I'm not as attached to the thought that I am a swimmer as I once was. I'm more open to new opportunities, I guess.

As long as I find a decent job, I'm going to register to do the Wine&Dine at Disney World this October. It's a half marathon and is the weekend before my birthday. I think it would be really fun. I might be able to convince Katherine to race with me... but we'll see about that. :)

Goal: 1000 miles/365 days
So far: 430.23 miles/261 days
To go: 569.77 miles/104 days


  1. nah still you have a good result, keep it up.

  2. Your article more than wonderful ... Good luck always