Sunday, September 26, 2010

Back at it.

I don't even know if I remember how to blog. haha. It has been a really long time.

I haven't written since I moved to Florida. My life has changed drastically since I moved. On the move down, my best friend/roommate got in a pretty terrifying wreck with a semi truck, which I watched in my rearview mirror. She is okay, her car got totalled, and I had some pretty high anxiety from it for a few weeks.

I had trouble finding a job. Grad school started. Then I found a job. Now, I just feel so busy. When I'm not in class, I'm working. When I'm not in class OR working, I'm studying. My sleeping has been slightly compromised. It's a life change. Graduate school is nothing like undergrad.

Once I stopped updating, I sort of didn't feel like updating anymore. I'm going to change that though. I'm really proud of this blog.

I have been running, however. Not nearly as often as I should be, particularly because I should be in the midst of some serious training. I'm working on that, though. I've run several times in the last week, as opposed to a few times over a midst of a few weeks. I'm going to try to make a serious schedule of my working/running/training/class/studying, so that I'm able to make a plan and stick to it.

I guess that I'm wondering about motivation. A huge motivator for me has been weight loss & upcoming races. However, right now, I'm kind of at a stagnant place in my weight. I have more to lose, but I'm just stuck. Also, my next race isn't until January, which feels far off right now. I'm trying to find a race in the next month or two to kick start my motivation. I just need to find new ways to motivate myself, I guess.

So far: 551.62 miles
To go: 448.38 miles

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  1. I'm excited to run more. Just remember that we don't always have to go together even though it's fun. You've told be before that sometimes you feel more motivated when we DON'T run together....just saying.