Sunday, July 15, 2012

Finishing Week 4 of Training!!

I just got home from this week's long run! Woo! It was ten miles, so a little shorter than last week, but went okay. But hey, let's backtrack!

Friday was a 6 miler. It was ROUGH. I feel like my legs were pretty tight and that I really just struggled to get through it. I ended up with a just over 13 minute pace, which I guess isn't awful. I was disappointed, because I did so well on the 6 miler I had done earlier in the week that I thought I could continue on at that pace. Unfortunately that didn't work out on Friday. It was definitely hotter on Friday, too. I did persevere and finish, though. I didn't really want to during some of the run, buuut... I did it. I finished at just over 6 miles at a 13-something pace. Not terrible.. but not incredible either. Oh well.

(Shout out to Kath though. I sat down and called her and asked her to say encouraging things in the middle of my run. She came out and met me to keep me company on the run back home.)

Today, I had 10 miles! First, I worked this morning, which made me more tired than I anticipated. I got home and got changed to run without being too mopey about it. (I'm actually starting to get excited about this running thing, which is SO cool. and unexpected.) Kath went with me! We usually go out and back on a path near our apartment, but this time we decided to keep going when we got to the end of the path. We went around and back on the sidewalks rather than the path, which was fun. Sometimes, it's exhausting going out and then turning back. It was fun to change it up!

We had a great pace (about 14:30 for the first 7 miles) Then we slowed to a walk. My left hip was starting to bother me a little. It almost felt like it was tight and that it needed stretched out. I stopped and stretched a handful of times, but it only would get better for like fifteen minutes and then tighten up again. I'm a little worried about it, but tomorrow is a rest day and then on Tuesday, I'll just see how it feels when it's time to run again. I'll make a decision on Tuesday about whether I should run or not. Fortunately, this week at work should be pretty easy. I don't have stocking shifts and the shifts that I do have are pretty short. I won't be straining my muscles, that's for sure.

I'm really sore right now. It's weird how achy my muscles get after a long run. I'm really not accustomed to it, considering how awful I have been at following through with training for races. This is the first race that I've actually trained properly for. Crazy.

And with that... Week four of training is now complete. Oh SNAP!

Goal: 1000 miles/366 days
So far: 361.44 miles/197 days
To go: 638.56 miles/169 days

(almost in the 400s! Wooo)


  1. I think you are well on the right track to PR and will ROCK the Chicago for sure with all this training! We just have to make sure you don't get an this hip thing...