Sunday, July 8, 2012

Chicago Training: Day 15

Intense day! I'm already almost out of time before I have to leave to go to work. Boo!

Katherine and I got up and went for a 6 miler this morning with one goal: make it home in time to shower and go to church... and we did it! I feel like I finally was able to push myself a little harder today than I have in a while, though my pace still hasn't EVER gotten to my race pace during a training run. I know I can get there. I also know that I took several months of being a lazy "runner" and only running a few times a month. Now, though, I feel like I'm improving a lot and that I can get there.

Anyways, today finished out week three of training! It's really hard to believe that I'm three weeks into this and that Chicago is three months away (exactly!) from yesterday. Life is pretty intense.

I'm looking forward to my rest day tomorrow. I might go for a short ride on the spin bike and do a little bit of lifting. (I do really need to start incorporating weight training.) Otherwise, I'm going to read a little and work on getting a "grown up" job. It's time that I work full time... mostly so that I can afford more races. (and have health insurance when I'm kicked off of my mom's insurance in October. Am I really less than three months from being 26...?!)

Anyways... fun, busy day so far. Now work time. (less fun... but that's okay.)

Goal: 1000 miles/366 days
So far: 330.94 miles/190 days
To go: 669.06 miles/176 days


  1. Once again I'm so excited to see how rapidly your miles are going up after taking so much time off. I know how proud of yourself you were to start out the year with all the Goofy Challenge miles and feeling so confident you could do it. Now you are are really getting things back on track for your goals! One thing you didn't add was how you had a pretty good pace AND didn't feel well. Imagine if you felt well what you would have accomplished will begin to see it in future runs :)

    1. I'm excited too! I feel a little like I might be able to reach my "secret" goal. haha. I'll just be excited if I get to 1000 miles this year. If you think about it... this has been a major racing year for both of us so far!

      Thanks for running with me!

    2. I don't know about that "secret" goal but it could be a possibility. If on a day you have 3 or 4 miles and feel like you can push it for another half mile you should do so. That would really start adding up. It's okay to add a little to the training plan as long as you aren't LOSING miles and you aren't pushing yourself WAY TOO HARD either. Plus that would make up for if you aren't feeling well and have to miss a day as well...