Saturday, July 7, 2012

Chicago Training: Days 12, 13, 14

Once again: decent runner, terrible blogger. Oops.

I'm still working on the training thing. haha. It's a little crazy how excited I am about my ridiculous tan lines. I'm pretty sure I haven't had this crazy of a tan since right after my senior year of high school when I played softball and went to the lake all summer. I just need to get to the pool sometime so even out my lines a little bit.

Today, Katherine and I did a long run. 11 miles. I slept later than I wanted to, unfortunately, so I started my run later than I had intended. That may have been a little bit stupid, because it was pretty hot out, but I really just want to get my body accustomed to running in the heat so that I can do it during a race if I need to. I took it pretty slow today. I'd say that I almost was too slow. I'm a little disappointed in my pace, but at least we went out there and finished it. It was a pretty rough run. Extremely.

We ended up walking a lot and our water got really hot, which was awful. But we did persevere and finish. Well, I think that I ended up with about a mile longer than Kath, because she went home before me. It was fun, though. I'm getting really excited about my training. I'm pretty nervous about Chicago, but I think that I will be okay. I just need to start working on my pace. I think that I need a goal finishing time, but I'm not sure what that should be.

and quickly...
Training days 12 & 13 were good! Day 12 was a 6 mile run that ended up a little over 6 and a half. We went in the morning on the 4th, whih was fun! I was glad that Katherine was off so that we could run together. Day 13 was a quick run in the early afternoon. I ran 4 miles before I went to meet a friend for lunch and finish up birthday shopping for Kath. It was a pretty easy run.

I've also been thinking more about how, eventually, I'd like to try a tri. I really need to start saving up for a nice bike. I have my spin bike that I love, but I do also need to be able to train outdoors. The bike that I have now is functional, but not great.

Tomorrow is a 6 miler! Woo hoo!

Goal: 1000 miles/366 days
So far: 324.93 miles/189 days
To go: 675.07 miles/177 days

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  1. Sigh...there's the money thing have so many races you want to do and saving up for a bike too! At least you know what to ask for for christmas maybe...I'm def. not good at running in the intense heat. Most races are at 7 am or around then so I don't think you'd really have to worry about the heat as much for those. I'm excited to do a few long runs to get more prepared for disney land and for my first full as well but I'd want to try to leave earlier in the morning like trying to leave by 9am if possible or even sooner. We'll see. I'm glad we've been able to run together as much as we have and hopefully I don't slow you down too much.