Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January Recap: 110 miles!

I suppose it's time for a January recap, considering that tomorrow is February. (already? are you KIDDING me? Time certainly flies...) First though, a little discussion of today's run. :)

Today, Katherine and I went for a run. Sort of. She had some pain from a run she had yesterday and didn't really disclose how much pain she was really in. (actually, I think she was injured during the Disney half marathon at the beginning of the month and it hasn't 100% healed yet.) About a half mile into it, I really started to notice that her stride was a little limpy and, for someone who is generally much faster than I am, she stopped to stretch and had trouble catching back up to me. I felt really bad for her. :( This time, we ran at her pace instead of mine, because generally she runs way slower than her pace in order to run with me. At mile 2(ish), we stopped for some more stretching, and talked about whether or not we should finish all 6 miles that we had planned on doing. We decided to trudge along with the intention of turning around if it came to that. We went a little bit slower than  we generally do when we run together, and incorporated more walking, but hey, what can you do? Anything for a friend. She's spent too many days running at my pace.

We were going to try to get 4 miles in, but continued past it, walking more than usual. Toward the end, I started to feel a little tight in my hip. Ugh. Frustrating. We were quite a pair.

Anyways, we ended up getting back to the apartment at about 6.40 miles, according to the Garmin, and I decided I'd keep going for a little while. I was shooting for 7, but still felt like I had it in me to continue after that. I ended up finishing with 8.15 miles today, which was pretty incredible. It was slow but fun.

So that brings my total to:
So far: 110.06 miles/31 days
To go: 889.94 miles/335 days

Are you KIDDING ME? One Hundred TEN miles in a month. Holy cow, I am well on my way to 1000 miles this year. Yes! So excited.

January races:

  • Disney Family Fiesta 5k
    • so fun! and slow! stopped for lots of photos. didn't care about time
  • Walt Disney World Half Marathon
    • super fun, raced with my mom, sister, and best friend. can't get better than that.
  • Walt Disney World Marathon
    • exhausting and tough, but well worth it. marathons are more mental than physical
  • Dick Batchelor Run for the Children 5k
    • fun race, PR by maybe 2 seconds, but no official time

Here's to an awesome February!


  1. Wow. 4 races in one month are more than some do in a lifetime! Great job on the run today even though it was more of a walk with some running. I'm glad you were able to reach the 110 miles in one month!!!! I kept talking about it and then when we started running I was like "oh man, it's not going to happen." Keep up the great work!

  2. Way to go girl! And points for Katherine for toughing it out today. :) I'm so super duper proud of you! 110, freaking awesome!

  3. Hey hey! I tagged you in my 11 Things post. Go check it out, and complete your questions! have fun! :)