Thursday, January 26, 2012

from "beginner" to "intermediate" in running

Today was another tough run. I'm a little bit tired of having tough runs all of the time, actually. It's been like a week of rough runs. I need to get myself out of this funk.

I have had good moments during tough runs, though. I worked a lot on my form today, so that was good news. I'm trying really hard to be able to get my stride correct... or at least better than I have been. I know I talked about it before, but I definitely take really short steps when I am trying to run, so that makes everything a little bit more challenging. I think that if I get a good stride down, I should be able to get an awesome pace, too. Running definitely isn't the easiest sport to excel at.

Anyways, that old pain in my hip starting coming back when I got to mile 3 or so. And it was hot. Almost unbearably so. The second half of my run today was mostly either slow or walking. Frustrating. I really need to figure something out to do on long runs during hot weather, especially because summer is going to be here before I know it. I'm still definitely leaning toward getting myself a running backpack. I think that it would really help me when I'm out there running.

I feel like I am transitioning from a "novice" or a beginning runner into an "intermediate" type of runner. It's something that I have been working myself into for a while. I have spent a lot of time trying to learn about running and turn myself into a "runner". I definitely feel like I have started a sort of transition. I still have a lot to learn about running, but I feel like I do have some knowledge about it now. I feel like I am to the point in which I am continuously trying to improve my running and I do think I have enough knowledge to have some idea of how to improve.

I also feel like I can discuss running with other runners. I almost feel like there is a bond between runners, no matter how fast or slow we run, there is something about it. For a long time, I felt like an outsider, and that is something that is starting to change. I mean, yes, I still am very slow and I still have a lot to work on in order to get to where I want to get with my running, but I feel like I am getting there. There's something about meeting other people that run and talking to them that makes everything feel so much better.

Tomorrow is long run day. I'm nervous, since so many of my recent runs have been so tough. I am hoping for an awesome run and an improvement on the past few weeks. Here's to hoping, I guess.

So far: 81.97 miles/26 days
To go: 918.03 miles/340 days

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  1. I'm glad you can call yourself a runner. I know that is really important to you. I think it's great that you are able to just go out there and take a long run when I'm sure several years ago you would not have imagined running more than a few. At least I know that is true for me.