Friday, January 27, 2012

trying to keep my spirit high.

Today was going to be a long run: 8-9 miles. I ended up feeling good enough to run 10 miles, which was fantastic. I brought two waters bottles (I really need a running backpack. There's nothing more awkward than carrying two waters while running!), three energy gels (I only used one), and I used my brand new compression socks. They are hot pink and I love them. I was going to take a picture of them when I got home, but alas, I am sick and a running outfit photo will have to wait.

Like I said, I'm sick. Really. The last thing that I need right now is a germ attack. I am all sorts of congested and my nose is runny and sneezy. I'm a little miserable.

I have a 5k tomorrow morning. I'm excited! I'm hoping to finish in a new record time (which won't be hard, considering I haven't run many 5ks), AND I'm hoping I won't be sick anymore. Fingers crossed.

Here's a telling quote that I feel like I can relate to quite a bit:

"The human body can do so much. Then the heart and the spirit must take over." -Sohn Kee-chung

So far: 91.99 miles/27 days
To go: 908.01 miles/339 days


  1. That's awesome that you ran so far on your own. that really shows dedication!

  2. 10 miles is awessssssome! So proud of you. :)