Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Trying to get back into it. 1000 miles in 2012.

So. Happy 2012!

I rang in the new year at work with lots of coworkers and Disney guests. Yes. I'm still a cast member. Yes I'm still busier than is good for me. That's okay, though, because I can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel. So yes. I was at work.

Each new year is a chance to make new changes. Normally, I am not one to make a lot of changes or impactful decisions in a new year, because I feel like any day of the year is possible for changes. This year, though, is a little bit different. I have a few changes and goals in place:

  • I'm going to make another attempt in running at least 1000 miles a year. (at LEAST.) There's an extra day in 2012, so it'll be great.
  • I'm going to clean up my diet. I need to stop eating like crap and only focusing on my fitness. Health is 70% kitchen-made. That's something I'm going to focus on.
  • I'm going to get as fit as I can and get my endurance, strength, and speed to point. No more screwing around. The goal is to Boston Qualify in 2013. (Did I really just write that down and, this, make it real life?)
  • I want to participate in a sprint triathlon this year, which means I need a new bike. This might  prove to be more difficult than I think.
  • Get my Master's.
  • Coast to Coast Challenge!

That's good enough.
During 2011, I became a lot more fit than I ever have been. My running was definitely not on par the entire year, but I did get a personal trainer, run four half marathons and one full marathon, and started to change my diet. I moved to a new apartment that is close to a running trail and a nice park.

I also sprained my ankle (in February), spent some time on crutches, and spent a lot of lazy time on the couch. haha.

More recently, I got a spin bike for Christmas (Thanks Kath!), bought myself some weights and created a small home gym. In the last few weeks, while the campus gym has been closed, I've been working really hard on my fitness at home. It has been crazy but fun. I've forced my best friend to participate and pushed her to her limits. It's more fun to work out in groups.

Anyways... Goofy's Challenge in like two days! Crazy! Am I ready? More than I was last year... and last year it was the most incredible thing I had ever done. I'm pumped.. and nervous and terrified.

SO. Today I went for a short run. First run of the year... I wanted to make sure my feet remembered how to do it and I also wanted to sort of break in my new shoes. It was rough, but I feel like every last run before a race is difficult. That makes me feel a little bit better. So yeah. It was a chilly day for Florida, though nowhere near the cold that Indiana held for me back in the day. I bundled up (in a jacket and long sleeved shirt, capris, and a running cap) and almost sweated to death by the time I finished the first mile. (sweated isn't a word is it?) So that wasn't totally worth it. I guess I didn't have to wear so many layers after all.

The running was rough but it went okay. Considering. Oh well, there's definitely room for improvement.

Done: 5.84 miles/4 days
To go: 994.16 miles/362 days


  1. Good luck with your goal this year! I'm resolving to run 30 miles a week, so if I make it, I'll have 1500 miles logged this year. But I'll be insanely happy if I make it to 1000, so hopefully we both get there!

  2. Go Alicia - you can TOTALLY rock 1,000 miles! I mean, you're doing 42 of them this weekend! You've got this, seriously.

  3. 1000 mile in the year...take 2 for both of us! Go us!