Saturday, January 28, 2012

Dick Batchelor's Race for the Children 5k: the Recap

Today was 5k day! Naturally, I didn't sleep last night. Maybe I should start taking sleeping pills on the night before a race. That seems like it would be the only logical way to beat the pre-race nerves. I think that no matter what the race distance is, I have a tough time getting mentally prepared for it. I think about previous race PR's and how fast I want to run. I really give my mind a rough time.

So my goal was to PR. The last 5k that I ran (besides Disney, in which I stopped for a ton of pictures) was a year and a half ago. It was about a week before I moved from Indiana and it was along the parade route of my favorite hometown summer parade. It was so fun! So my goal was to beat that time... and to get 12 minute miles, flat.

However, I had a few problems that could get in the way:

  • I got no sleep the night before (so frustrating)
  • Like a moron, I ran 10 miles yesterday. When I run long distance, I still clench up my back a lot. Thus, my back was KILLING me all night.
  • I am still slow. Like I was a year and a half ago... even though I have lost 10 pounds since then. Just saying. 
  • It was a "fun run", so no official timing. I'd have to go entirely by my GPS.. so I'd have to start it just on time and stop it just on time.

So commence the run.

Mile 1
Mile 1 was good. I was ahead of my 12 minute mile pace and it was super fun to run though the Universal Parks. Living in Orlando for a year, I still have never been to Universal. That is partially because I go to school full time and work for the mouse. It's also partially because I'm lazy. haha. So mile 1 went well. I was under a twelve minute pace when I got to the mile marker. Most of the mile was through CityWalk and just entering the actual park.

Mile 2
I was still going strong at the beginning of mile 2. I wanted to run the whole thing, but my back was telling me no! ha. So I ended up walking a little bit during mile 2. We got to run through Hogsmeade, which was the best part, by far. I'm sooo looking forward to going to Universal just to see the Harry Potter area. Someday, hopefully soon(ish). That was so exciting. I ended up slowing down my pace too much during mile 2 and ended up with a 12:22 pace when I got to the mile marker. 

Mile 3 
During mile 3, it was all about trying to get my PR. I pushed it. I did walk a little bit and stopped at a water station. I don't know why I stopped, because I was close enough to the finish to just push it through. That probably cost me about 30-40 seconds. I was super excited when we were almost there and I felt like I might be able to make it and PR, even though I had walked and stopped for water. The finish was spectacular, but aren't they all?

I ended up with 38:37 (according to the GPS), which I knew was close to my previous personal record.
When we got back to the car, naturally, I looked up my PR on my phone and found that... it was 38:37. Initially, I was pissed. Then I decided to give myself the benefit of the doubt, because I waited at least two seconds before I turned off my GPS. haha. I am way too uptight.

Anyways. Good race. 

The first picture is an image of my finishing the Three Rivers Runners on parade in July 2010. That was my first 5k and a really fun race. 

The bottom picture is me after finishing the race today. Good times.

Lots of things in my life have changed in the past year and a half Running will pretty much always be there for me though.

So far: 95.11 miles/28 days
To go: 904.89 miles/338 days


  1. I love this post! I'm proud of you for the race and am confident that you beat your other time by a few seconds. I'm also pretty sure that you ran more than 3.1 b/c you started before the start line so that would decrease the time too!

    1. thank you. i just really need another 5k soon in order to prove to myself that i can do it...

  2. Nice work! I get nervous the night before races too sometimes, but I've always heard that it's most important to get a good night's sleep the night BEFORE the night before a race. In my experience, this is true. Adrenaline will push me through one bad night of sleep, but if I've accumulated two nights of bad sleep, it's much worse. Also sleeping pills make me super groggy the next morning, I would be really nervous to take one the night before a race!

  3. You SO can do it -- even if you give yourself the two seconds, you made it! Can't wait to see what you accomplish with doing another 5K soon. :)

    1. haha. I want to do a 5k next weekend too, but i don't know if i will or not. there's one in Orlando, but.. I also am planning to sign up for the Princess this week and that will cut my budget down for a while.