Friday, January 20, 2012

Pushing forward

I went on a short two and a half mile run today. I planned on running about three miles and then I overslept and had to cut it even shorter.

I guess it was okay, because of the pain that I had yesterday, I definitely needed to take it easy today. My run was pretty slow. (My Garmin says 14:34 pace.) It wasn't too bad, actually. I didn't have much pain, except for a healing blister on the bottom of my left foot from the marathon two weeks ago.

I'm glad that I went though, because a lot of times that I plan to run and then something happens that gets in the way, like oversleeping, I end up giving up and not going out at all. I'm full of excuses. It is tough, though, to work past those fitness excuses and actually be a person who works hard at what I want to do and who I want to be. I have so many goals for myself that I have to keep pushing forward. That's the only choice.

In running, it's one step in front of the other. Always.

Tomorrow is a long run day. I'm nervous. We'll see how it goes.

So far: 68.61 miles/20 days
To go: 931.9/346 days


  1. All that matters is that you went out and did it! You go lady... you rock. :) xox

  2. I'm glad you did it. Are you following a plan with long and short runs on specific days?

  3. Thanks :)

    @Katherine: no I am not following a specific plan. My running plan is pretty much all in my mind. ha.