Saturday, April 3, 2010

Struggling to find time.

Ah. This time of the year is the craziest. I'm preparing for graduation in a little over a month, while thinking about my move to Orlando in less than four months and grad school starting in August. I'm trying not to focus TOO much on the future, though, because I have to finish undergrad before I can work on my Master's Degree. It is a little mindboggling to think that things are changing so rapidly right now, though.

Anyways, my week was tough. It's that time of the year now when ice cream stores are getting busy. My hours on campus are still pretty much the same, though I dropped one shift. I felt my sanity slipping. My classes are crazy, insane, whatever you want to call them. I'm beginning to second guess this double major idea, but I think that it is a little too late for that. My running has fallen to the wayside, but that seriously needs to change.

I am dedicated to this thousand miles in a year goal. Absolutely. I also am dedicated to running Goofy's Challenge next January and the training starts now. Today.

My biggest issue is time. It never feels like there is enough time in the day to get everything done that I want to. I don't want to be the girl who always has excuses though. This is important to me, the running, the fitness, having something that I can teach myself to be good at. That's what this is. I've grown from hating running to appreciating it to really enjoying it, which I never expected for a minute.

I guess I'm wondering what other people struggle with in their running.. what motivates you to run when things are tough?

Anyways, I'm trying to keep to do lists and including my running in it. I'm also starting a food journal, because I know that eating the right things can make a difference in alertness, energy, and motivation. I've been slacking on the eating right idea lately.

Honestly though, the slacking and excuses have to end now. If I want to be a serious runner, I will be. Somehow, it has to be that simple.

Goal: 1000 miles/365 days
So far: 252.9 miles/150 days
To go: 747.1 miles/215 days

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  1. Yeah. Races motivate me to run but also beating previous scores or just meeting a goal. Like trying to run 3 miles a day and 7 miles once a week with one day off was my goal before my foot problems. Now I feel so unmotivated because what am I supposed to do? I'm going to run that race with you even though I'm totally untrained and will probably mess up my foot even more. I will walk it if I have to but I'm doing it.

    There is a lot to think about and prepare for. It's tough for sure. I think you are doing a good job despite some times that you feel really down and like giving up.