Monday, April 26, 2010

On a journey to becoming a runner

Hi New Followers! Thanks for joining and reading. :)
I appreciate the comments about music. I bought a little bit of new music last week. I haven't had time to update my iPod yet, though. (I feel like I talk too much about having no time.)

I wish that I could convince my cat to go running with me. She could use some exercise... but the furthest she will run is from the bed to her food dish. Trust me, I've tried to take her on a walk. Did you know that cats hate leashes? They do. You can't even psychologically trick a cat into being a dog by putting her on a leash as a kitten. Well, I guess I could have by giving her a treat every time I took her out for a walk. Too late now. She's a huge fan of sleeping and eating. Aren't we all? Oh to live life as a cat...

I got new running shoes yesterday! So excited. I still have a few dozen miles left on my old shoes, but I really have been ready for my new ones. I got the Nike Lunarglide+. I have yet to set up my Nike+ account, but that will come in the next few days. Right now my main focus is getting things lined up for the end of school, but I'm still planning on running as much as possible for the next week.

For one of my classes, I'm working on a memoir about my journey becoming a runner. Yes, I've only been running for a little over a year, but running has become a huge part of me. I feel like I'm just beginning in this new lifestyle that is going to have an impact on who I am for the rest of my life. I'm going to post my memoir when I'm done with it, probably at the end of the week. That's something to look forward to, I suppose.

My graduation is  in less than two weeks! May 8, which convienently (or not) is the day of the Indy Mini. Being from Indiana and moving away soon, I would really like to be able to run the biggest half marathon in the country. However, I'm going to graduation instead. I actually have thought about wearing my running shoes under my cap and gown as a way to commemorate the race that is going on. I think it is a creative idea and I'm proud of myself for thinking of it.

Tonight's run was fast and... on the treadmill. I'll have so much more time to really train as soon as this week is over. I have a ton of stuff due this week plus more hours of work than usual (like... 45-50ish), so most of my runs will be indoors. I got to lift weights a little, which was really nice. I broke in my new shoes, which I'm not going to use on the treadmill anymore after today. I just wanted to use them this once. Now I'm intending to use my old shoes on the treadmill and my new shoes for outdoor runs.

I'm getting really serious about my running though. I want to be a serious runner. I'm not quite to that point yet, but I'm getting there. I'm looking forward to who I'm seeing myself become. Sometimes I think back on running a mile in school. I hated it. I still hate running my first mile and, after talking to other people, I feel like that won't change, but I enjoy running as a whole. There's just something addicting about it.

Goal: 1000 miles/365 days
So far: 290.73 miles/170 days
To go: 709.27 miles/195 days


  1. Yeah. About the last thing you said about ruuning a mile in school. Everyone called it The Mile lol and it was really hard for me and a big deal and my best time for it had been something like 9 min. 30 sec. Now I can be proud that I've run 13 miles with only a little walking. And you can too!

    I'm glad you found some new music and that I did too.

    I think you are doing great even though you are behind your goal. I'm so proud of you for keeping up with this.

  2. I just switched to the Lunarglides and LOVE them. If they ever change the design I might cry.

  3. I just found your blog, very cool!! Good luck on your running journey :)