Saturday, June 11, 2011

another day, another work out.

I'm going to pretend to be really full of myself and pretend that I inspire Kath sometimes. I'm mostly just saying that because it's nearing midnight and she's lifting weights. [if i'm wrong, then i'm wrong, but it's doubtful. ha.]

I'm getting back into my exercise regime. Granted, I've been sick and overwhelmed for a few days... and today I have been still a little overwhelmed, though less sick, but I actually spent a good amount of time lifting. I also had a decent lunch rather than eating in the cafeteria, which saves me calories AND money. Yeah me! I didn't exactly eat the most healthily after work, but sometimes splurging is okay, I think. I am recognizing my choice as a splurge rather than a weakness and I'm moving on. So that's a step forward for me too.

I'm working on a research study on obesity. There is actually a section on called eatocracy. That's interesting. Random fact. ha.

I miss running. :( I'm starting to really worry that I won't ever be able to do any races again. That would suck. Too much. There has to be a way to push past the pain and be able to run again. I feel like I've done everything in my ability to let it heal and I'm starting to feel extremely impatient. I'm going to make an appointment to see someone soon. No joke this time. I'm going to follow through in the next week or two, whenever I have a day off from work and school.. or at least a day off from work.

Well... I'm about to fall asleep writing so that's that. Until tomorrow, faithful readers.

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  1. I think you do inspire me a bit. we should try to work out together sometimes.