Sunday, December 6, 2009

Today, I woke up early and was definitely going to go running early in the morning and start off my day right- I haven't gone on an early morning run since before school started. However, I woke with a bad stomachache and decided to wait a half hour for the sun to rise. As I was on the computer getting some work done, I fell back asleep for an hour and then I had to kind of rush around. I'm always just in a big hurry. Anyways, so I woke up again and decided I would end up running tonight with my roommate anyways, instead of running in the morning. One of these days, I'm going to run as I wake up. I think that would be fun. Honestly, keep your eyes open for a morning-run post. ;)

There's just something about running while the sun has just risen. It's much different than running in the nighttime. I feel like, when I'm running in the morning, I'm taking a part in something with a community feel, especially if I am running in my mom's neighborhood. When I'm running at my mom's house, someone is always outside saying hello or waving at me. (or chasing their dogs who are running after me. ha) When I am running at night, it's just more solitary. I think that both have their ups and downs. Running during the daytime just feels more social to me. Sometimes, I am definitely in the mood for some solitary time and running at night is perfect for that. However, it's just so sweet to feel like I'm a part of a community and people talking with me as I run by is a lot of fun, I think. It always makes me smile.

Running on campus is a completely different atmosphere. Sure, some people smile or say hello, but not as many people talk. There are usually thousands of people out on the street or hardly any people at all- there really isn't much in between. Running on campus is really sort of isolated, at least in my experience. That's not neccessarily a negative thing: it's just something different. I guess that running IS a solitary sport, but I also think that it doesn't have to be. I mean, everyone runs at their own paces, everybody does things at their own time, but it can be wonderful to have someone to run with and talk to. I've also read that having someone to talk to while you are running is a good way to keep pace, because if you are able to talk, you're running at a good, steady pace, whereas if you are so out of breath that you can't find the energy to form words, you need to slow down and catch your breath. That's something that I keep in mind, but don't always stick to.

There is a biking/running path around here that I haven't tried yet. I was going to ride my bike on it, but I probably won't be biking for a while- running in the cold is going to be enough of a struggle for me for now. However, I really want to check it out. Someone that I work with apparently runs on it often. I think that I would like to try it out. I've never really run on a path, per se. Sidewalks, yes, roads, yes, running path... never tried it. I think that could be interesting though. I may give it a try over this semester break coming up. (Wow, I guess I have lots of winter break plans. I should probably write them all down!)

Alright. I need to get out of my sweaty, cold clothes, take a shower, and get to bed. The morning always comes too quickly!

Goal: 1000 miles/365 days
So far: 59.37/28 days
To go: 940.63 miles/337 days

(still behind, but i will catch up within the next two weeks. that's my current short term goal.)

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