Monday, December 14, 2009

Oh man. I know that I keep talking about how I am getting off track, but last week, I really had to focus on school. I turned in a 24 page paper on Tuesday, a small paper every day during the week, a video/commercial on Thursday, a HUGE final project portfolio pamphlet paper thing on Wednesday, and took a final on Friday. It was absolutely exhausting... in so many ways. (plus I worked and did some grad school things, so it was just like any other week, except I took out running and added projects.) So yeah, very disappointed in myself for my behavior last week. I didn't even do my regular Sunday post-work run, because I picked up an extra shift and didn't have the time... then after THAT, I came home and ended up taking a very much needed nap. I was a little whiny about the weather being subzero for a while, but today put me in the mood for a nice run. :)

Tonight, I didn't push myself as hard as I usually do. I relaxed quite a bit, but still had decent times, I suppose. I ran 4.57 miles, precisely in a little over 45 minutes... so slightly under ten minute miles. I ran under nine minute miles the first two miles, slowed a little the third mile, and really slowed for my last mile.

I definitely realized that running in a huge, way too large t-shirt that may not have even fit me in my obese days... is not neccessarily a good thing. (I don't even think I wore this shirt two years ago when I was given it.) I felt like I was swimming in my shirt during my entire run. It was uncomfortable and irritating, not to mention... extremely distracting most of the time. I just did not want to dig through all of my shirts before I went out, because I need to do some laundry... So I grabbed what was in my reach and went out. I guess I learned from my mistake, however. haha. From now on, I will definitely just wear a shirt that is a little bit smaller.

I'm really looking forward to getting my on-ice, over the shoe, running apparatuses, because, though winter SUCKS, it'll at least be fun to run in those things once or twice, just to get the feel of them. I hope that they work really well. Actually, I really hope that my grandma understood how much I want them when I asked for them for Christmas... because, if I don't get them, I will be veeeeeerry sad and probably will commence whining.

mmmmm... That is all. I think that I'm going to figure out some weekly goals for this Christmas Break in order to get me back on track and keep me better motivated. I definitely have a problem with motivation. :(

Goal: 1000 miles/365 days
So far: 73.46 miles/37 days
To go: 926.54 miles/328 days

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