Wednesday, December 16, 2009

muscle soreness?

Ah. Yesterday, I said I didn't push myself too hard, yet today, I felt like I was near collapse. I tacked on an extra ten minutes and more than another mile, so I kept my pace about the same, but pushed myself harder to run further. I really just wanted to get out there and get myself to work toward my goal. Yeah, I definitely accomplished that, so that's good news, I suppose.

I was thinking about shoes today. I've only run a little over a hundred on the ones that I have now, maybe 150, at most, and I got them for my birthday, I month before this project officially began. However, I'm going to be sad when they are too worn out to run in. Yes, I had shoes that I ran in before this, but these shoes were my first REAL pair of running shoes... that I only run in. I love them... and they are extremely supportive and don't make my feet or ankles hurt at all. I mean, after my half in November, I felt like I could still run some. While others around me complained that their feet hurt, mine really didn't hurt at all. That was definitely because of my wonderful shoes. I don't want to pre-mourn the loss of my first pair of running shoes, but I am definitely going to be sad when they aren't usable anymore. I still have a few hundred miles before that happens, though, so I guess that I should not be worrying about that.

I feel like my muscles get sore differently than other people's muscles do. Sure, I can feel a little bit of something in my legs after I've done a long run... and it makes me very tired. However, it's weird, because the majority of the pain/soreness comes from my butt. This really began when I was working as a hostess and had to squat down and vacuum under each booth- in each corner, which I'm not going to elaborate on. (it was awful)... and I would come home and would be in such overwhelming pain that I could hardly move. Now that I weight 20+ pounds less than I did at the point when I quit that job, I don't feel the same intensity of pain. I am more in shape and my body is more accustomed to the exercise. However, most of my muscle soreness comes from my butt. I don't know if anybody else has problems like that, but it may just be me. I'm not entirely sure. I really wish that I just hard normal soreness like most other people... but no, not me. I have to be different than everybody else...

Sigh. I definitely am going to feel my run from today all day tomorrow. I pushed myself pretty hard. I'm still dreaming of the day that I (hopefully) get my things for my shoes for running on the ice that I asked my grandma to get me for Christmas. I look forward to using them... as much as a person can possibly look forward to running in frigid, icy weather. I think that it will be fun... at least for one or two times. ha.

I'm so obsessed with reading about running. I really want to get to know other individual's experiences with running and how they became runners. I bought a copy of Runner's World yesterday and am going to read it before bed tonight. I think that running may be some sort of a social mechanism, a way to get to know other people and bond with others. It's definitely something to discuss with others. Maybe I can meet some really cool people... as soon as I start classifying myself as a runner, which may be sooner than we expect.

Goal: 1000 miles/365 days
So far: 79.06/38 days
To go: 920.94 miles/328 days


  1. try this stretch for your butt pain:
    another place to connect w/ runners is on twitter. there are many runners/triathletes/etc on there and most are very helpful and supportive of new runners. many have blogs w/ useful info for rookies and veterans alike. I have two accts on there @ironmanlongrunr and @longrunr and can direct you to some good reading and connections.

  2. It seems good that you feel soreness because it means you are working the muscles...but I never see you stretch so that coudl be the cause of the sorness which isn't good.......and could be preventable. I hope you figure out what works for you.