Thursday, November 26, 2009

my one hour run.

Today, I did my first of several one hour runs. I timed myself from the minute I left the door for one exact hour to see how far I would go. I could have decided that the weather was too poor to properly time myself or that I was tired... but those are just excuses. I did take it a little easy, running 4.08 miles in one hour, though I think I could have run a little further... I did not.

Today was my first "winter" run, though it is and was not snowing, it was pouring cold rain for a portion of my work out today and it is fairly chilly outside. I guess that it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be- though it's only the end of November and I still have January's frigidity to look forward to. I'm looking into some winter gear to ask for as Christmas gifts. I definitely want some nice pants or tights to wear and I also found some other interesting devices that may make me feel more comfortable running in poor weather. I'm not sure I want to spend a lot of money on it myself, but if I ask for some stuff for Christmas, that might make it a little bit better. We'll see what happens, though.

I would like to do another race sometime soon, but I'm having trouble finding an entire list of races around this area that I'd be able to participate in. I know that there probably aren't many in the winter, but the spring isn't THAT far away, I don't think... (that may be wishful thinking, as I hate winter.) I am going to keep trying to find races, though. It seems like I have been bitten by the road racing bug. I'm almost addicted- ha. There probably will be a point where I become completely obsessed, which I don't think will neccessarily be a good thing for me, but I'm not sure that it would be a terrible thing either.

I'm definitely looking forward to doing some swimming in the next few weeks. Swimming was my first love and I haven't had a chance to do it in a while. (that's partially just an excuse, buuuutt) I'm definitely going to do some swimming during my finals week, because it's important that I do some cross training and being in the water will relieve some stress. I really love swimming.

I'm also almost caught up in my mileage. Yipee. :)

Goal: 1000 miles/365 days
So far: 49.47 miles/19 days
To go: 950.53 miles/346 days


  1. Way to go Lulu! Maybe you should do a tri, not with your mom, lol

  2. That's awesome that you've basically gone 50 miles by now. You're becoming a pro! I wonder how many miles you'll have to go before you consider yourself to be a runner?