Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ah. So today I was going to run six miles. Then I looked at my school schedule and my homework schedule. I have tests and projects right now that are more overwhelming that I know what to do with. (add that with grad school applications and working... and there just isn't time for sleep.) I am not going to give up on this project, though, but I'm just taking it easy tonight and will, hopefully, be able to push myself a little harder tomorrow.

Today I ran 2.5 miles... and it was only on the treadmill down in the workout room in the apartment complex. I'm not sure that running on a treadmill really compares with running outside. I sometimes think of the two as completely separate activities and I am not en tirely sure how they can be thought of as one. Personally, I prefer running outside... but not when it's frigid and windy or rainy... or snowy, but I haven't run in the snow thus far. I just think that running outside is a little more challenging and maybe more realistic too.

My mom put it this way: "Running on the treadmill is boring." She likes to run outside and be able to look around and see different things going on in the world around her. I think that's an excellent way of putting it. It's a lot more fun running outside, because there is interactivity. There are things to pay attention to and goals to run toward. I like to think to myself, "I'm going to sprint until I get to that tree..." or something to that effect, which helps me to push myself until I reach my goal.

I used to only be a treadmill runner, but now I think of myself as more of an outdoor runner. That's a little worrisome, though, with winter coming. I'm obviously not going to be able to run outside when the ground is covered in ice. Blah.

Anyways, my 2.5 miles were a little easier today than my last run. I sprinted at least half of it and took it pretty easy on my other half. I'd really like to eventually be able to get myself to run at a more steady, even pace. That's a big goal of mine. I think that with more training, I will get there. I haven't really been running for a year yet, even off and on. Before a year ago, I really didn't run at all. Sometimes I did sit ups, but that was MAYBE every other month. I remember my brother talking about going running sometimes, and that boggled my mind. I didn't understand how people could just go running for fun.

Now I am starting to be one of those people.

Goal: 1000 mi/ 365 days
So far: 17.41/4 days
To go: 982.59/ 361 days

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  1. You can run outside when it's icy if you are careful. shorter strides are needed and you have to be very aware of your footing. there are also several different varieties of devices you can put on your shoes for traction (http://www.walkonice.com/ can get them many different places).
    Running on the Dreadmill is just as good a workout as outdoors, sometimes better, because easier to push yourself, but you do run differently on a Dreadmill than you do on a normal running surface. Your form and stride change, not a bad thing, but something to take note of and a dreadmill is a "softer" surface to run on.
    If you spend the winter running on a dreadmill, just realize it will take a few runs in the spring to get readjusted so don't go crazy miles the first beautiful day.
    If you have a question, let me know, would love to help. I one of your mom's chief consultants in her lead up to her 2 1/2's this fall.