Sunday, November 8, 2009

Intro to Project

I am an aspiring runner with lazy tendencies.
I run once or twice a week, but often "don't have time" to follow through with my goals.
I became a runner less than a year ago, when I decided to make something of myself, when I decided to lose weight and exercise regularly.
I have gone from running two miles every few months to running one or two times a week... and two half marathons. My first was in September with a three hour and fifteen minute finish time. My second was yesterday (Nov. 7) with a two hour and fifty five minute finish time.
By setting a goal of 1000 running miles in one year, I intend to push myself to my limit, while improving my endurace and speed. I will go from an overweight undergraduate student to a fit, college graduate, student pursuing a graduate degree, who happens to be a regular and, somewhat impressive, runner.
I understand that I have surpassed many goals that are set for individuals who wish to think of themselves as runners by finishing two half marathons, but I want to be able to finish a full marathon in the next two years or less. I also hope to bring my half marathon time to a time that is more respectable- maybe even in the first half of finishers in a race that I run.

This blog will commemorate my running, my frustration, tears, and joy as I push myself harder than I have before.
College student, part time food service worker by day, runner by night (or morning... afternoon... evening, whenever I can find the time.)

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