Sunday, August 5, 2012

i have toe woes...

I guess I should write about... why I haven't been running.

On Thursday, at work, I was pushing drink carts out.. and one thing led to another and my toes got run over.. by a 300-400 pound cart full of drinks and ice.

Yup. My pinkie toe was smushed and is now purple-ish (actually the bruises aren't so bad now). I'm pretty sure it was broken in the incident, but knowing that there's nothing that can medically be done for a broken toe, I've buddy taped it to my ring-finger-toe (is that even a real thing?!) and refrained from running. Since Thursday.

I've been crabby, irritable, mean, and in bad spirits since. I'm worried about my marathon training and about all of my races coming up. I'm trying to pray my toe better. I've been lazy and stayed off it. It has been miserable. I've gone from running 5 times a week to laying around. ALL THE TIME. No joke.

So yes. Chicago training has stopped. For now. I'm going to start using my spin bike as much as I can and lifting weights. I've also looked into buying a good bike that I can use. (I can't afford that.) I've also thought very seriously about swimming. The only problem is that... swimming uses feet. Feet have toes. My toes hurt. So... I don't know about that.

...we'll see. I'm hoping that I'm exponentially better by.. tomorrow.


  1. Love you hot nuggs! Don't let the cart crush your spirit! (yes I'm corny just like the corn dogs at the ho deal with it) Love, HOT FRIES

  2. I'm so sorry about your toe... I know it sucks. May as well try swimming... maybe that wont' hurt since it's just paddling in cool water?

    I heart you! You will overcome this and it WILL be okay!


  3. I agree with the idea of weight training since you've been meaning to do it seems like a good excuse to get started with it again. Also, studies show that biking increases your running speed so might as well! I know it's been tough but you willl get through it.