Monday, June 25, 2012

Chicago Marathon Training: Days 4 and 5

I am beyond exhausted. So here's an update. Today I didn't run. 
However, yesterday and Friday, I did run. A lot.
Now my body hurts.
(and the weather sucks, what the heck, Florida??)

I did a long run yesterday- nine miles. It was wonderful and exhausting at the same time. It was also the first time that I've run that distance since April. It was also the most difficult run that I've had since the Tour de Pain: Extreme (in April). I literally almost threw in the towel and gave up. 

Friday wasn't so bad, except for the rain. I tried to be quick so that I wouldn't get drenched. That wasn't too bad actually. I'm getting pretty good at peeling my wet clothes off and hopping in a warmish shower after a run. Woo hoo.

I realize that I just wrote these up in the wrong order, but that's okay with me. yay...

Goal: 1000 miles/366 days
So far: 270.94 miles/176 days
To go: 729.06 miles/190 days

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  1. I'm proud of you for getting those runs in. I think the plan is really good when you stick with it. It really is motivating to get out and get that run in when maybe otherwise you would have decided you were too tired or something.