Tuesday, March 6, 2012

It's a blustery day out there.

Today was fantastic running weather, but not weather that I am used to running in. It's so crazy that a year and a half ago, I was in Indiana, running in that bipolar weather, but now I'm in Florida, running in hot weather all of the time. Now on a windy, cool day in the low 70s, my body is super confused, where a year and a half ago, I'd have loved to go out and run.

Initially, my goal was to run 10 miles today, but I left late and my grandparents are in town, so it didn't work out. I ended up going for 7, and the first 4 miles were fantastic. I was at an even 13 minute pace the entire time, which sounds slow, but is fantastic for me. After four miles though, I slowed down tremendously. It got really windy outside, which made me feel like I was running against a brick wall and getting nowhere. I slowed down my pace to a walk-run, which frustrated me, but I felt like I had to do it.

I almost didn't finish out my entire 7 miles, because I was getting too frustrated with the wind and my pace, but I stuck it out anyways. I guess that's something. I had to do an extra lap around my apartment complex after I got home, but I stuck it out and finished my run. That's good news. I didn't keep my 13 minute pace, but ended up at 14:40, which did irritate me, but maybe I just need to think about the positives. My mental strength definitely isn't where I wish that it could be, but I guess there's still time for that to change.

I am definitely glad that I stuck it out and went out to run. It was colder than I'm used to and it was windy. The running conditions were actually fantastic, but just confusing to my body. Ugh. Tomorrow will be  better. I promise.

Goal: 1000 miles/366 days
So far: 169.55 miles/66 days
To go: 830.45 miles/300 days

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