Thursday, October 7, 2010


Things that motivate me to better myself:
  • Biggest Loser. I watched the newest episode online today and cried my way through it. The kind of motivation and dedication that I see through many of those contestants is moving. I wish either Jillian or Bob was my personal trainer. Ha.
  • My best friend. I'm fortunate that Katherine moved with me and lives with me. Sometimes, I KNOW I wouldn't push myself to go out and run, but she helps to motivate me. I know that we're not in the same place fitness-wise, but she's a great motivator when I need her to be. She even tries to not get mad at me when I become frustrated with myself.
  • Races. Signing up for races. Thinking about registering for races. Racing. Hearing about races.
  • My classes. I enjoy being a graduate student and working towards doing something big in my life. I can see things coming together.
  • My job. I'm disappointed that I'm not using either of my degrees and I work someplace that I could have worked with just a high school diploma, but that helps me to be able to push myself harder. At some point, I will have a job that I LOVE. I just hope it's sooner rather than later.
  • Social media. That sounds weird. But I'm motivated by blogs, my facebook friends, people on twitter. Sharing what some people are doing or are attempting to accomplish can help me to view my life in different ways. In that way, I'm learning through other people that I would not have been able to learn from ten years ago. It's amazing.
  • Reading. I LOVE to learn. I can't go into a bookstore without buying a book. I have a mile long list of things that I want to read. I research everything. If I have a question, I find the answer... but I go beyond. I find every detail that I can about particular topics or ideas until I fully comprehend them.
There are more. I've been feeling frustrated with myself and not so motivated lately, but it's helpful to think about the things that DO help me to move forward.

So far: 572.65 miles
To go: 427.35 miles


  1. That is a fantastic list! Thank goodness for motivation! I love to learn also...and I love to read.

  2. That list was quite post

  3. This is one of my favorite posts by you I've read thus far. A motivator for me is listing which you've done here. Whether it is a to do list or an accomplishment list it can help me to be motivated. I'm glad you are motivated by me..its hard sometimes to find the balance between if I'm motivating and pushing you or if I'm just being annoying and pressuring you....

    btw my foot has started hurting again since my run yesterday...I hope it doesn't get worse...also....WE NEED TO SIGN UP FOR THE RACE LETS DO IT TONIGHT