Sunday, October 3, 2010

Long run. Now sore and tired.

I'm exhausted and drained.
Usually two emotions that would convince me to lay in bed and NOT run. But I ran today. I came home from work exhausted after not sleeping well last night and I actually ran. Nobody was home to push me & I'm glad that I did it.
Today I ran further than I have since August 20. (thank you for the nice graph, Nike+) I set a few goals for myself that I didn't accomplish. I wanted to cut time off of my mile PR and ran like 6 seconds longer than my PR, which was disappointing, but at least I pushed myself.
I pushed myself very hard, which I'm okay with. I'm disappointed with the place I am in my running and with my pacing, but those are things that I have to work on in order to improve, I guess. There's not much improvement in sitting around all of the time. It's about prioritizing, I think.

Nothing impressive or thought envoking from me today. I'm too tired & I still have lots of reading to do before tomorrow's class.
Oh. & Happy Birthday to me in 45 minutes.

Goal: 568.61 miles
To go: 431.39 miles

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  1. I bet it motivated you to run knowing that I ran w/out you while you were at work.... ;) I'm glad you ran though, for sure. I was hoping to get some sun while I was out but most of the sidewalk was shaded so I didn't really get any but it was a good run for the most part. You will be tired and drained most days so you definitely CAN'T use that as an excuse for sure!!!