Wednesday, May 26, 2010

seeking motivation

Today was exhausting. I was excited that I only had to work for a few hours, but I ended up picking up a few extra hours at work, which isn't neccessarily a bad thing. Then I went out and had dinner and saw a movie with some friends. Plus the air conditioning was broken at work today, which definitely just made me feel more sluggish and tired.

My run today was pretty successful. I pushed myself fairly hard, but still completed a pretty good run and didn't have much pain doing it. I think that resting yesterday was helpful in ensuring that I wasn't hurting and having muscle spasms like I was on Sunday night. I am worn out though. I'm considering trying to run in the mornings rather than in the evenings, because I might have more energy then. Sometimes, I just really enjoy being able to lay in my bed and relax for a little bit in the mornings. If I was getting up and going for a run early in the morning, I'd definitely not be laying around. It's just something I might try.

I'm making an effort to eat more healthily. I've tried it before and eating right definitely makes a difference. Sometimes it's tough, though, because when I work, it is really easy for me to run to a food court or get something in the drive through. I'm going to try bringing my own food and eating it at work. Today I brought my own food but decided I didn't want heated up in the microwave food, because the building I was working in was almost 90 degrees inside. So my grandma brought me something to eat, though it would have been healthier to eat what I brought. I'll forgive myself this time.

I'm trying to scramble back onto the running bandwagon, I guess. It's a little bit tough, because I feel like I really fell off track. I want to find a race to run before I move... or after I move, or both. I don't have a lot of money, so I can't really run as many races as I've considered running lately... it would just be really nice to be able to run one really awesome race this summer. I need to do some researching. Maybe I will tomorrow, because I have the day off.

Tomorrow's official plans are: runnnnn. read. eat. haha.

Goal: 1000 miles/365 days
So far: 332.12 miles/199 days
To go: 667.88 miles/166 days

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  1. I am in between run clinics right now so getting out of my own has been a struggle. I find with it being so hot here though that eating healthy has been easy - too hot to cook = salads!