Wednesday, May 12, 2010

New PR & Huge Accomplishments.

After my running yesterday, I expected to be a little bit sore and exhausted today. It was not as bad as I expected it to be, though, which is awesome. I had a fairly lazy day, though, which is unusual for me. I'm not used to just sitting around. It was nice though. I did a little laundry and worked on my resume a little bit more. I'm going to start sending it out this week, because I really need a job to help me get through grad school.

I struggled a little bit to find my motivation today, once again. I've had a hard time finding the time to run lately, but now that I have had the time, it has been a little bit difficult to actually get out there and do it. I sat around and found all sorts of other things to do besides run, but then I finally got up and went. I am very glad that I did though.

I set a ridiculous goal for myself today- 9.5 miles. I ended up not quite reaching the goal, but I ran 9.28 miles in less than 2 hours, which is a huge accomplishment. That's pretty much a PR for me, which is a huge deal. I haven't gotten a PR in such a long time. I'm going to gloat for a little while.

My run was really tough. I thought that I wasn't going to be able to finish for a little bit. I actually started to cry when I got toward the end- which was a mix of a great run and a really tough run. I had set a goal for myself to finish in under two hours, but I wasn't sure that I'd be able to do it. I could have given up. I was exhausted and frustrated... but I didn't give up, for some reason. I'm just really glad that I was able to finish, and with an impressive time. I'm exhausted now, though... and pretty sore. I haven't really pushed myself in quite a while and now I pushed myself two days in a row! haha.

I feel much more motivated and ready to finish out this year and to run the Goofy's Challenge. Obviously, I'm not physically ready for a full marathon yet, let alone Goofy's Challenge, but it's one of the biggest goals that I've set myself toward thus far. I know that it's something that I will have to push myself toward, but it's something that is doable for sure. Accomplishable, definitely.

I need to sign up for two races or so this summer... maybe a full for the fall. We'll see what happens. I wish I had an unlimited supply of money and time. haha.

Goal: 1000 miles/365 days
So far: 315.3 miles/186 days
To go: 684.7 miles/179 days


  1. Don't beat yourself up! You are doing really good on the 1,000 miles goal! I am only up to about 200 miles at this point... :P

  2. It's a LOT easier if you run 4-5 days a week EVERY week. You'll get better really fast and be running 9.28 miles in 90 minutes before you know it! Keep it up!

  3. You are doing amazing..seriously. I am signing up for a marathon in the Fall but am hesitating about summer races as I fear trying to run one in stinking hot weather...

  4. Thanks for the uplifting comments. :)

  5. Thank you for your wonderful efforts