Thursday, January 10, 2013

Starting fresh!

I need to revamp my blog a little. Freshen it.

Actually, I want to change the focus. In 2013, I want to finally hit my 1000 miles (duh), but I want to work on my overall fitness. I want to become a runner/swimmer/biker.. and I want to become triathlon ready. I want to become incredibly fit and in the best health possible so that I can. It will probably take an incredible amount of effort and work on my part.

So in 2013, my goals are:

  • run 1000 miles. Finally. Third time is a charm, right?
  • cut down my body fat percentage significantly. More muscle, less fat.
  • Get my nutrition on point.
    • this one is already getting close.
  • Become triathlon ready.
    • buy a bike! ride it a lot.
    • swim as much as possible.
  • Graduate from grad school!
  • Get a "real job".

So let's do this...?

Miles run: 7.09/1000
Miles biked: 0
Meters swum: 0


  1. WOO! Here's to a new year. 1000 or bust! That's my official (among many) goal for the year too - let's do it!

  2. A lot of big goals this year and a lot of change! You have me beat...I don't really have any goals except to try not to spend too much money!