Thursday, September 6, 2012

Time management: graduate school + running + work

It's definitely starting to get real.. training plus school plus work. I'm starting to feel a bit of a struggle in managing things, but I think that it's mostly just me being anxious about it. It's something that I can get over. I just have to work really hard at following a schedule.

For instance: today I had a lot of reading to do before class, a 7 mile run on the schedule, and a class from 6-9. I WAY overslept (until past 11. gross.), but got up and went out for the 7 miler at about 2. I wanted to wait a little longer in case it would cool off a little, but a storm was going to be rolling in, so I just sucked it up and went. At first, I was miserable. It was hot. I felt like I was going to melt. After a few miles and an energy gel, I started moving pretty well. I got into a groove and decided to turn the 7 mile run into an 8 mile run. (I was scheduled 8 miles tomorrow and I have less time in the day than I did today...)

When I got to 6.5, the storm that I was trying not to get caught by started rolling in. That should have been my sign to just go home. I kept going. I ended up in a torrential downpour. I don't think I've ever come home from a run dripping wet the way that I was. It was insane. I actually had a lot of fun though. The rain cooled things off a lot and I actually was able to speed up. ...or maybe that was because of the thunder. ha.

Anyways. It's beyond sleeptime for me! I have studying, running, and work tomorrow. (Yeah me..!)

Goal: 1000 miles/366 days
So far: 565.04 miles/250 days
To go: 434.96 miles/116 days

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  1. Great job! I think I sort of forgot about your blog a little bc I've been reading your posts on dailymile....I like it when it rains but it is better more toward the end I think. You were def. soaked because when I sat on the futon where you had sat it was like something had been spilled on it!