Saturday, December 4, 2010

time juggling

January is right around the corner.
In a little over a month, classes will be starting again, Christmas will be over... and I will have run my first full marathon.

Right now, I don't feel prepared. I feel stressed, overwhelmed, nervous, excited, glad, anticipatory... I am a jumble of emotions, I suppose. It's getting hard to train while working and worrying about school. I'm doing better with my training than I have been in the past few months. I'm actually making time for it... at least I'm trying to.

I've also made some changes in my habits. I rejoined Weight Watchers on Tuesday. I've been exercising more. I bought really healthy food yesterday. I stopped eating fast food again. I feel like slight changes will make a difference. I'm hoping that I get better into shape, because it's something that I definitely need to be getting more serious about.

The semester is so close to done. I have one huge paper to write and a presentation to work on for this week... then a take home final to work on for the week after. As soon as Monday is over and I have my test turned in, I think that I will feel a lot better about how much time I can devote to running. I'm going to do some major training over winter break... all I will have will be work... no classes, so that will be really exciting.

I don't know how people find time for so many activities in their lives. I'm not trying to juggle too much, but sometimes the little that I am trying to do can be overwhelming.

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  1. I don't feel like you are juggling too much either but I think it's more than some people. It takes work to do everything and sometimes sacrifice. I'm worried fo ryou about the marathon too but I know you will try your best. We need to get some more long runs in for sure.