Thursday, March 11, 2010

lots of miles today. :)

Here are the things I did today:
-drive to work
-work a double
-drive home from work
-lift weights
-now I'm going to blog, shower, and sleep.

Someone already asked me to cover their shift tomorrow. I haven't decided yet, though. I'd like to have a legitimate day off before going back to work and working my on campus job again. (sometimes, I think to myself: "Why do I have three jobs and go to school full time and run 20+ miles a week?")

I'm exhausted. Spring Break hasn't felt like a break this year. Last night, I could not wake up for a few hours. I fell asleep looking at apartments in Orlando for next year, near UCF and just couldn't move. That has happened a few times this semester, but I didn't know that I had worn myself so thin that I would be falling asleep like that. I'm not stupid; I know that I try to do more than an average human being should, but that's just my reality. I don't think that I would know how to live any other way.

I ran 7.79 miles today, over an average of... twice today. I ran a little over a mile and a half this morning, but I was pressed for time before I had to go to work and then I ran again after I got home. I'm going to be feeling it tomorrow. Being able to run that distance was pretty impressive, though and it makes me feel like I'm almost ready to run the Holy Half Marathon. I think that I will be able to get it done. I really want to PR in this race again. It's pretty exciting to PR in every race- which I've done so far. (obviously, my first was a PR and my second was another PR, by 20 minutes.) I really want to run a half marathon in two hours and forty five minutes. I'm just wondering if I'd be able to get that time in the next month.

I guess I'm going to stop rambling and go to bed. Tomorrow, I intend to run a nice lengthy, easy run outside. I'm not going to worry about time or anything.

Goal: 1000 miles/365 days
So far: 234.43/124 days
To go: 765.57 miles/241 days

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  1. I'm proud of you. I know that you've been stressed for time and kinda made up for some of it with your runs today. Do you want me to run WITH you during the race? B/c I kinda do want to but at the same time you told me you feel more motivated or something during the races when we don't run together. This foot thing is freaking me out. Just when my right one is feeling better now today my left one hurts. It could be trying to overcompensate for the the hurt one and it also could be all the hours standing on my feet at work. Because when I'm at work I literally don't sit down at either job so it's a good 12 hours some days without sitting at all. Ugh.